Meet IMD’s MBA Class Of 2018

Dimitrios Karampatakis

IMD Business School 

Describe yourself in 15 words or less: “A highly motivated all-rounder, eager to pursue diverse career interests and confront seemingly insurmountable challenges.”

Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece

Fun Fact About Yourself: Probably one of the most terrible cooks out there! Capable of falling flat even when it comes to preparing the simplest possible meals, such as pasta!

Undergraduate School and Major: BA Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School – LLM in Banking Law and Financial Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science – PhD in Medical Research, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Medical School

Employers and Job Titles Since Graduation:

  • LIFE4LV – Athens, Greece – Co-Founder, General Director (Groundbreaking digital healthcare start-up, focused on developing pioneering software, applications and interactive diagnostic databases for people with low vision and the elderly)
  • PotamitisVekris Law Firm – Athens, Greece – Associate
  • Kyriakides Georgopoulos (KG) Law Firm – Athens, Greece – Associate
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP – London, UK – Summer Associate
  • Bank of England – London, UK – Research Assistant
  • Match Capital Ltd – London, UK – Business Analyst
  • Staple Inn Chambers – London, UK – Legal Assistant

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: As an associate at PotamitisVekris, my pitch of our firm’s offer to a potential client, an international private equity firm interested in investing in a major international supermarket chain, led to the completion of the largest acquisition in Greece in 2016. My task was to elaborate on all the risks that a potential investor should consider. My in-depth presentation successfully, addressed all questions and assuaged the concerns of potential investors.

Drafting and negotiating the relevant transaction documents, I had to take into account the international scope of the practice, and pay attention to foreign regulation while negotiating with the Greek and European supervisory authorities in order to successfully close the deal. My ability to grasp the strategic thinking behind high-stakes transactions, along with hard work and success, earned me the praise of my senior colleagues and a place in the firm’s business development team.

Looking back on your experience, what one piece of advice would you give to future business school applicants? A meticulously drafted application. Take time to reflect on your personal and professional long-term goals. Research the schools beyond the website by attending open days and virtual visits, with a view to identifying the subtleties of the schools you are targeting thus increasing the chances of a successful application and fit.

What was the key factor that led you to choose this program for your full-time MBA and why was it so important to you? IMD resonated with me more than any other business school through its holistic approach towards business education. The distinctive focus of IMD on the personal development of its MBA candidates and the creation of socially responsible leaders was of paramount importance towards my decision to enroll in the program. Instead of crafting its MBA program as an accelerated, career-boosting boot camp – as many of its competitors do – IMD places unique emphasis on soft skill development. With this all-inclusive toolkit of skills, I will not only secure a leading position but also lay the foundations that will safeguard and promote my long-term prospects, as well as my ability to deliver outstanding results as a senior manager.

What would success look like to you after your first year of business school? Post-MBA success should not be defined solely by a hefty paycheck and an outstanding employment position.  I will be successful by interacting and engaging with all 89 of my classmates through meaningful dialogues and debates, tapping into new perspectives and impacting their viewpoints, successfully forging lifelong relationships, and a solid business network to bolster and support my future endeavors. 

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