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Not Getting Interview Invites? Read This.

With MBA application season well underway, many MBA hopefuls are beginning to prep for how they should approach their b-school interviews.

What exactly should you do if you aren’t getting as many interviews as you had hoped?

Experts at the MBA Exchange recently discussed three possible routes applicants can take if they aren’t getting interview invites.


If you aren’t getting any interview invites to your target schools, it may be helpful to begin the process of reapplying.

“Now is your chance to get a head start on the thousands of other applicants who will be denied admission later in the process,” according to the MBA Exchange. “It’s far more efficient and effective to maintain your momentum, re-evaluate your candidacy and refine your application materials now than having to re-start from a dead stop next spring.”


Similarly, experts say applicants who aren’t getting interview invites should begin applying to other schools.

“If you’d been interviewed and then rejected in a few months, you would have less time to select another school and prepare a strong application in time for the upcoming deadline,” according to the MBA Exchange. “So, seize this moment and channel your disappointment by strengthening your candidacy and creating a killer app for a different MBA program that’s likely to appreciate you more.”

If you are set on applying to other schools, experts say, it’s important to break down your schools into specific categories: stretch, competitive, and safety.

According to Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted Admissions Consulting, a typical candidate should apply to roughly five to seven MBA programs. One-to-three should fall into the stretch category, along with two-to-four competitive programs and one-to-two safety schools.

“This strategy gives you a shot at your dream schools, a decent chance of acceptance at competitive programs, and a strong likelihood of acceptance at your safety,” Abraham writes for P&Q.


It may also be helpful to seek help from a professional admissions consultant when you’re applying to b-schools this time around.

Often, admissions consultants can vet your application specifically for aspects that admissions officers are looking for.

Earlier this year, we ranked the Top 15 admissions consultants of 2019. Check them out here.

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