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Interested in Data Science? Read This

The demand for MBAs with data analytics knowledge and experience is growing.

In fact, according to a 2018 recruiter survey by GMAC, 71% of responding employers reported plans to place recent B-school graduates into data analytics roles.

But what exactly are those roles?

Sameer Balaganur, of Analytics India Magazine, recently compiled a list of jobs related to MBAs in the data science industry.

Data Science Managers: These professionals are often responsible for managing members of the data science team.

“The data and analytics manager coordinates the different tasks that must be completed by their team for a big data project,” according to Discover Data Science. “Tasks may include researching and creating effective methods to collect data, analyzing information, and recommending solutions to a business. The data and analytics manager motivates the data specialists to complete projects efficiently.”

Balaganur says this role, while often business-related, requires some knowledge or experience on the data side.

“Even if the data science managerial role would be more on the side of the business, one needs to have a basic understanding of tools like R, SAS for effective communication with the rest of the team,” Balaganur writes. “Other skills required would be basic or intermediate understanding of SQL to run queries, statistics, data visualization, and domain knowledge.”

Product Analyst: Product analysts, according to Balaganur, are responsible for identifying the target markets, research, developing marketing strategies, and keeping an eye on the product for its life cycle.

“These analysts are supposed to analyze the market and the data about the products and develop marketing strategies,” Balaganur writes. “The product analyst role would involve creating dashboards, defining metrics for the whole business or the product, and measuring the performance, among other general things.”

Data Science Consultant: Consulting is a popular field for MBAs. For those who have a data science background, a data science consultant role is ideal.

“The data science consultants would need to create data science solutions for the clients and would be required to help them in being connected with data at every stage and lead them to the hypotheses they want to test out,” Balaganur writes. “Data science consultants need to help the client in their analytics skills, competencies, and understanding the mechanics of the business with valuable insights.”

Check out the full list of data science roles for MBAs here.

Sources: Analytics India Magazine, Discover Data Science

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