Building a Strong MBA Resume

Building a Strong MBA Resume

Your resume is a critical component of the MBA admissions process.

But what do admissions officers look for in applicant’s resumes?


Experts say it’s important to provide examples throughout your resume.

“Get specific, offering numbers and relevant details,” Jody Keating, of Fortuna Admissions, writes for P&Q. “Demonstrate your understanding of the bigger picture as well as the bottom line. This is also about showing you can transition to a management role post-MBA.”


Leadership is essentially a requirement of the MBA.

Experts say MBA admission officers want applicants who already possess strong leadership skills and will continue growing in leadership at b-school.

“Give evidence of when you united people behind a common goal, made use of other’s talents and skills, instilled a vision, challenged the status quo, identified a new problem or prioritized the needs of the organization above personal needs,” Stacy Blackman, of Stacy Blackman Consulting, writes for US News.


Your resume should provide succinct points and examples.

Experts recommend applicants to keep their resume to a single page and not exceed two pages.

“Sometimes we get a resume that’s five to six pages long, and that’s way too much information,” Stephan Kolodiy, a senior admissions officer for the business school at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—Newark and New Brunswick, tells US News.

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