The Difference Between An MSM & MBA

Man with dark hair, beard, glasses in front of whiteboard teaching a Gies business class.What is the difference between an MSM and MBA?

The M.S. in Management (MSM) and the MBA degree differ in two important ways. The first difference is in the background of students who are admitted into the programs. MBA students usually have multiple years of experience in a corporate environment, while the typical MSM student is a recent college graduate seeking to build his/her skills. The MSM curriculum at Gies College of Business is designed to complement a student’s existing capabilities and knowledge in their own domain of undergraduate study by adding a broad appreciation of business.

The second major difference in the program is the program of study itself. MSM students complete their degree in one calendar year and receive a strong breadth of functional knowledge to jumpstart a career in business. The MBA degree is usually a deeper dive taken over two or more years to prepare an employee to contribute at a level with increased managerial responsibility. As a result, MSM students have found success in the job market in rotational leadership training programs, business positions that emphasize their undergraduate background, and entry-level consulting positions.

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