GMAT Scores By State: You’ll Never Guess Where The Highest GMATs Are Scored

Gender Differences In Pursuing An MBA By State

These GMAT scores aren’t always being sent to MBA programs. Overall, just 73.4% of scores make it to MBA programs, with the rest being taken up by Bustiness Masters (22.7%) and Doctoral and Other Programs (3.9%). In fact, there is a discernible gap between men and women when it comes to pursuing an MBA. Overall, 77.1% of men use their GMAT as a springboard to an MBA degree, nearly 10 points higher than women at 67.5%. Country-wide, women pursued Business Master’s degrees (27.7% vs. 19.6%) and Doctorates (4.8% vs. 3.3%) at a noticeably higher rate than men.

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