First-Year MBA Reflects On Business School During COVID-19

New Study Finds MBA Grads Are ‘Thriving’

MBA grads are doing quite well when it comes to career progression in spite of global uncertainty, a new study finds.

The study, by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Business Graduates Association (BGA), polled 752 current MBA students and 2,110 MBA graduates and found that almost two-thirds of MBA grads have found themselves in their dream role within just six months of completing an MBA program from an AMBA-accredited b-school.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through almost nearly every industry.

However, according to the AMBA & BGA study, MBA grads still see strong value in their degree specifically when it comes to skill development.

In the study, 88% of MBA graduates agree that they had gained substantially more skills to help them do business better as a result of completing the MBA. 81% agree that the skills they learned during their MBA have helped them be more mentally resilient. Additionally, 74% say they believe they have developed all the business-related skills they sought in completing the MBA degree.

That says a lot considering that the most popular reasons, according to study, for completing an MBA are, ‘to acquire more skills and knowledge about the business world,’ ‘to expand my area of expertise,’ and ‘to get a broader understanding of how business should be managed.’


The study found that 29% of MBA grads already had the role they sought before starting their MBA. 17% said they secured their dream role while studying for the degree. Additionally, when it comes to post-grad, 15% of grads said they were in a the job they wanted within six months of graduating.

However, 21% of grads noted that they are still not in the role they wanted after completing their MBA.

“This finding might attest to the level of ambition held by MBA graduates and suggest that Business Schools should look further into how they can manage graduates’ expectations vs. the realities of the job market into which their degree has propelled them,” according to the study.  “Nevertheless, the finding’s complexion changes considerably when taking into account the length of time since a graduate completed their MBA.”

Check out the full study here.

Sources: International MBA Survey 2020, BBC News



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