The Dogs, Cats & Other Furry Friends Who Got MBAs Through 2021

Taco and Belle

Jacob Morrison: Notre Dame – Mendoza, MBA Alumni, 2021

“For two years at Mendoza, I was lucky enough to have my rock. Taco made it all worth it and helped drive me to succeed. Belle came along in year 2 and helped that final push. Now our little family is off to bigger and better dog parks in California!”



Meghan Lin: MMDD, Current MBA, 2022

“Having an energetic and loving companion like my mini poodle, Marble, enabled me to incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle throughout my degree. Going on long treks with this adorable bean had incredibly positive impacts to both my mental health and academic performance alike.”




Canay Kara: IMD, Current MBA, 2021

Nori is a sweetheart and has her ways to connect with people. She became friends with all the candidates. She is very resilient and provides emotional support for all of us. She is the sunshine of my life; a reason keeping me going forward and a drive to do better.”



Joshua D’Anna: Duke – Fuqua School of Business, Current MBA, 2022

“CC joined me during the most recent term of our MBA program. The walks and cuddle time in between working a full day and hitting the books at night help fight off the zoom fatigue. My teammates are overly invested in CC’s progress as she started regularly attending our meetings.”




Andrey Belykh: IMD, MBA Alumni, 2020

“1. Networking inside and outside of MBA bubble: when you go for a walk with a pet you always can start a conversation (Fiji has his Instagram, for example, and makes his own friends as well )

2. Physical activity while running with a dog

3. Special, comfort environment at home ”



Brian Easley: Indiana University, Current MBA, 2022

“Indiana Jones is always able to put me in the best mood, no matter the type of day I have. His excitement he has for me when I get home keeps me motivated and centered!”




Palmer & Lucy

Daniel Martinez: Kelley Direct, Current MBA, 2023

“Routines! These two help keep me on track!”






Sarah Thomson: McCombs School of Business, Current MBA, 2021

“Bentley’s taught me the importance of power naps, fresh air, and stopping to smell the roses (and pretty much anything else we come upon during our walks). Having him nap next to me during class, and let out the occasional howl, has made Zoom school much more enjoyable.”



Rajesh Mongia: Said Business School, Said Business School, 2021

“Toby keep me engaged with his positive energy.”






Martin Hoppe: Penn State Smeal, Current MBA, 2022

“Rusty the doxy was born hairless and so he loves a warm blanket. I’ll start my studies and he’ll snuggle up next to me. As a general rule, it’s cruel to disturb a sleeping puppy. So, I read and type away to his gentle encourage to not disturb his slumber.”




Doris Wang: Kellogg, Current MBA, 2022

“Minerva greeted with her MBA “pehorts” on zoom.”







Lazar Lazarov: Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota), Current MBA, 2022

“Galin traveled across the Atlantic (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria to Saint Paul, MN) during the COVID-19 pandemic so he could start my Full-Time MBA program with me. We adopted him right as I started my application and he’s been a ray of sunshine in my busy days ever since!”


Wrex and Toph

Claire Herting: Foster School of Business, Current MBA, 2021

“Believe it or not, they play fetch with me!”






Kanak Heda: Stanford University, MBA Applicant, 2021

“Slept on my lap, every time I studied late!”


Eric Orts: Wharton School — FACULTY, 2021

“Dog walks with Butterbean: pandemic office hours!”






Richard Wollboldt: Northeastern, Current MBA, 2022

“Casper is a best friend and cuddle buddy. He has served as an active morale officer throughout my MBA journey. His pure heart and abundance of energy effortlessly breaks down any kind of stress. He brings light to our home and joy to anyone who meets him.”





Matthew Baranuk: Penn State, Current MBA, 2023

“Late nights or early mornings, he is always there.”





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