MBA Class Of 2021 Jobs: Dartmouth Tuck MBAs Remain In High Demand

Consulting, financial services and technology remained the most popular industries for Tuck MBAs, but health care saw a 5% rise in interest over last year. Courtesy photo


Consulting, financial services, and technology are still the favorite industries of Tuck MBAs, but there seem to be some shifts in the numbers. Last year, a record percentage of grads (42%) went into consulting, and it was still the most popular industry for Tuck grads in 2021. But the percentage fell 6 points to 36%. Finance service was the second most popular industry at 23% (up from 21% in 2020) with technology coming in third at 15% (same as last year.) The technology percentage is down from a school high of 24% in 2018.

The industry with the greatest growth in grad employment was healthcare, pharma and biotech. That industry saw a 5% growth in interest from 8% in 2020 to 13% in 2021. That’s up from a 5% employment in 2019. 

“I think it is interesting, and also gratifying, that we’ve had a very strong rise in the number of students going into healthcare, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise,” Pidgeon says. “It’s the topic on everyone’s mind. It’s certainly an area where MBAs, I think, can come in and have a lot of value. So I think it’s great to know that (Tuck MBAs) will be out there helping with the future of healthcare delivery.”


Stephen Pidgeon

Consulting salaries remain the highest of all the industries with a median of $165,000, the same amount as the last two years. Investment management, meanwhile, rose by $7.5K, consumer goods by $10K, media/entertainment/sports by $10K, and private equity rose by a whopping $20K. After falling $9K last year, health care salaries rose by $4k in 2021. 

As to why consulting jobs remain in such high demand, think about the last two years we’ve all lived through.

“For companies who seek to hire MBAs in large numbers, particularly consulting, what we are hearing is that they are just really busy,” Pigeon says. “When there's turmoil in the world, companies turn to consultants, and when consultants need to hire, they look to top MBA schools. That's been a direct feed. And I think that will continue through to 2022 and beyond.

“Another thing is our alumni are particularly supportive. And so, even when the pandemic hit and it looked like it was going to be all hands on deck, the alumni were incredibly supportive and active. I think some of the industry trends and other highlights in this report are actually people wanting to help out,” Pigeon says.


Tuck is the latest school to publish its 2021 employment report (see a round-up at the end of this article). 

Other top business schools have reported mixed but mostly rosy results as their jobs reports have trickled out. UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business saw median salaries rise by $9k, while job offers rose less than 1% at 89.9%. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management reported a 97.1% offer rate, up from 95% the year before. Harvard’s placement rate rebounded in 2021 (96%), but pay slipped. At NYU Stern School of Business, on the other hand, average salary rose by 3.9%. 

See Dartmouth Tuck’s entire 2020 MBA employment report here. 

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