P&Q’s Must Reads: A Stanford-Harvard-Wharton Admit Describes His Application Process

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I’m your host, Kristy Bleizeffer, and I’ll be highlighting the most important P&Q stories you might have missed – but shouldn’t.

So, let’s get to it. 


No. 1: A Stanford-Harvard-Wharton Admit Describes His Application Process

What do you have to do to get admitted to all of the Big Three MBA schools? Well, you should start by reading Ray Temnewo’s “How I Did It” feature, now one of the featured stories on our homepage. 

Temnewo, an Emory undergraduate and McKinsey alum applied to three of the toughest business schools in the world to get into: Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, and the Wharton School. He was accepted to all three.

Learn what made him stand out, and which school he picked, at poetsandquants.com. 


No. 2: 100 Best & Brightest MBAs: Class of 2022

If you’re looking for a little inspiration in your MBA journey, take the time to click through some of our Best and Brightest MBAs for 2022. This is one of our largest recognition projects of the year, and one of our most popular. It features the stories, accomplishments, and career highlights of 100 truly remarkable MBA candidates from the top business schools in the world. If you can’t get inspired by these stories, you might be uninsurable.

The full package is now featured on our homepage. To see the full list and start clicking through their profiles, go to page 4. 


No. 3: How Rare Is Your MBA Degree?

For this behind-the-numbers story, Poets&Quants editor John A. Byrne breaks down the MBA percentages for the top schools. And, he finds, the prestige business school with the largest number of MBA students is now the Wharton School, with a total enrollment of 1,874. That is below one percent of all the MBA students in the U.S. 

In fact, fewer than 4% of MBAs are getting their degrees at M7 business schools, and just 4.6% are getting them from a Top Ten school. 

Byrne also examines the difference between large and small cohorts in terms of experience. This is invaluable information for those still in the MBA exploration process.


No. 4: Positioning Extracurriculars On Your MBA Application

And finally, for more in the news you can use category, Fortuna Admissions coach Heidi Hillis offers expert advice on how to use extra curricula’s to distinguish your MBA application from the rest of the pack. 

Like to run and cook and travel? So does everyone else applying for business school. 

In fact, Hillis explains, many admission professionals flip to the “other info” and extracurricular section first when evaluating MBA candidates. That’s where they can gain real insight into the type of person they are considering. Business schools are looking for students who will do more than excel in class, and they are looking for active contributors to the community. 

Hillis’ column is packed with other great tips for setting yourself apart with extracurriculars. You can find the full story on our homepage, or in our admissions tab from the main menu. 

Well, that’s it. Another four P&Q stories we think you shouldn’t miss. You can let us know what stories we should have mentioned but didn’t get to in the comments. 

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