5 Best Things About Online MBA Programs

five best things about online MBA programs


That’s the big selling point of online learning. You work on your time and at your pace. No long commutes or cross-continental flights. No evenings or weekends cramped in a classroom. No missing family dinners or school events. All the same faculty and classes as the full-time MBA program – just taken alongside accomplished working professionals like you.

When COVID-19 forced the world online, business schools upgraded their tools to enhance collaboration and community. Faculty members mastered the online medium where their students were accustomed to working. And employers realized the rigor of an online MBA was no different than their full-time and executive counterparts.


Ta’Sheema Taylor, USC (Marshall)

All the while, online MBAs enjoyed the benefits of two distinct approaches: asynchronous (recorded) and synchronous (live) learning. This ‘best of both worlds’ approach made all the difference to Ta’Sheema Taylor, a senior manager at Johnson & Johnson who earned her MBA online at USC’s Marshall School.

“The asynchronous learning gave me the flexibility to complete lectures and assignments around my work and personal life demands. While the weekly online synchronous learning and office hours gave me the flexibility to attend classes and get additional help from my professors from anywhere in the world.”

That ‘anytime, anywhere’ access enables online MBAs to make the best use of the time, adds Chitray Eddy, a ’23 graduate of Arizona State’s W. P.  Carey School who works as a planner for IKEA.

“The classroom is wherever you are and ready whenever you are,” he explains. “I’ve been able to squeeze in quizzes on airplanes, stream classes on vacation, and attend office hours on the go. The fact that my education is not limited to a physical location or time is fantastic.”

How has the online format freed MBAs to increase their job performance, family time, and energy levels. When P&Q reached out to this year’s Online Best & Brightest MBAs this spring, we asked them to share their favorite parts of learning online. Here are the five biggest benefits of an online MBA format.

1) Family Friendly: “My favorite part of the online MBA program is the flexibility it offers. Being a mom of two active boys, ages 7 and 4, and a full-time hospitalist, I have a hectic schedule. However, I could pace myself with the courses and did not have to compromise my family time. Also, this online MBA program served as a platform for meeting people from various backgrounds and professions with different insights. This experience helped me learn and grow as a person.”
Sai Sravanthi Palakodety, University of Arizona (Eller)

2) Able To Travel: “The flexibility of an online program was the biggest selling point for me. My partner and I enjoy traveling and are rarely at home for more than a month. The remote nature of the program enabled us to move internationally and continue to adventure, all whilst engaging in the scheduled curriculum and collaborating with peers. Instead of waiting to make a move or saving travel plans until after graduation, we continued pursuing our dreams and have the hiking wounds, smiles and muddy boots to prove it.”
Brandon Bessler, USC (Marshall)

Jill Bookman, University of Michigan (Ross)

3) Real-Time Application: “Flexibility without compromising on concentrated learning – coupled with colleague networking and the close interactions with faculty – were huge advantages of the online MBA program at Michigan. It allows you to implement learning in real-time, taking what I learned in the classroom on a Tuesday and applying it to my work on Wednesday. This online program enabled me to learn something in a classroom, test it in the real world, and then talk to my professor about what I experienced – all in the same week. It is a comprehensive and dynamic learning environment.”
Jill Bookman, University of Michigan (Ross)

4) Diverse Cohort: “My favorite part of being in an online MBA program was the diversity of the cohort. Unlike a traditional in-person program, the program is comprised of students from different regions, industries, and cultures to come together and share their experiences. I was able to connect with folks ranging from the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, NYC, Japan and Germany on an ongoing basis. This led to much more enlightening perspectives in conversation and project work. In addition, many of our live session instructors were professors of practice who also worked in industry and taught at other prestigious MBA schools across the country. This combination of academic and real-world experience and diversity of perspectives made our discussions much more practical and enriching.”
Trent Alan Kostenuk, Rice University (Jones)

5) Faculty Access: “I found the weekly office hours with the professors to be an invaluable part of the program. Throughout the entire program, I only missed two of these office hours because I found them helpful and enjoyable. These sessions not only provided an opportunity to review course materials but also allowed me to get to know the professors more personally and gain greater insight into the art behind the business principles. I’m grateful for the time and attention the professors gave to these sessions, which helped me to excel in the program and grow as a professional.”
Janise Brooks, Baylor University (Hankamer)





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