Top 2024 MBA Interview Questions—and How to Best Answer Them

Learn to differentiate yourself in the MBA interview.

Top 2024 MBA Interview Questions—And How to Best Answer Them

The MBA interview is a critical component of the admissions process that can make or break your chances of admission.

Simplilearn, an education certification platform, recently rounded up the top MBA interview questions and answers for 2024, giving applicants insight into how to ace their interview.


When answering this question, the most important thing is to align your goals with an MBA degree.

“Explain why you want to get a master’s degree in business administration and how it will help you reach your career goals,” according to Simplilearn.

John Crossman, CEO of Crossman Career Builders, says your answer should precisely articulate how your background differs from other applicants.

“The answer needs to show specifically what skill set you want to add and the benefit you seek from it,” Crossman tells US News. “Know what you bring to the MBA program. Your undergrad and work experience should bring something to the table.”


The ‘strength and weakness’ question is designed to gauge an applicant’s humility and self-awareness. Typically, experts recommend first starting off by addressing areas you can improve in.

“Begin with describing your flaws, such as giving a story about how you overcame a personal weakness,” according to Simplilearn.

Tone is critical in your response to this question. While it’s important to appear humble, it’s equally important to cultivate confidence.

“Focus on your strengths and when they ask about your weaknesses, be ready to be self-critical while highlighting your belief in yourself,” Anjala Krishen, director of MBA programs at the University of Nevada—Las Vegas Lee Business School, says. “Being ostentatious or arrogant during an interview is not good, but being overly self-critical and lacking self-belief is also bad.”


Interviewers use this question to put applicants on the spot. Experts recommend using this question to demonstrate your strengths with examples to back it up.

“Mention your achievements, emphasize the abilities you’ve developed so far in your career, and explain how your academic and professional experience will benefit others in the program,” according to Simplilearn.

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Sources: Simplilearn, US News

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