10 Undergrad Business Schools To Watch In 2024

10 Undergrad Business Schools To Watch In 2024

Inside view of the Haslam Business Building from its atrium. Courtesy photo

University of Tennessee Knoxville Haslam College of Business

Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee Knoxville has been one of the most steady risers in our yearly ranking of the best undergraduate business programs in the U.S.

In 2018, it came in 67th out of 88 schools we ranked. It ranked 63rd of 97 schools in 2019, and 64th a year later. By 2022, it had risen to 52nd, and to 49th in 2023.

In our 2024 ranking, Haslam finished 35th of 91 ranked schools, nearly breaking into the top third of all B-schools in the country. It scored highest in Academic Experience. That category is measured solely on what alumni have to say of the program, giving prospective students insider information into life as a Haslam undergrad.

In our alumni survey administered as part of our annual ranking, 96% of Haslam alumni said they would absolutely recommend the program to a friend or family member, perhaps the highest praise a student can bestow on an alma mater.

“In our senior capstone course, we were required to be a part of a business simulation where a group of students from different majors ‘ran a business’ throughout the semester,” one recent alum told P&Q. “It was challenging/exciting to get to work with different students outside your major and collaborate on business decisions. I was able to improve my problem solving and communication skills through teamwork instead of writing a thesis.”


Lane Morris, associate dean of undergraduate studies and student affairs and the John W. Fisher Professor of Innovative Learning, tells us Haslam has recently launched an International Business Major, created an emerging technologies course, and expanded its Business Fellows honors program. It’s also breaking ground on a new building this year.

Find out what else is new and special about Haslam in our interview below.

What are recent and upcoming program developments and innovations that will enhance the experience of future students?

  • Development of an emerging technologies course early in our business core to stimulate curiosity, innovation, and excitement in our students.
  • Recent launch of International Business Major. This new major requires that students double major with a second, functional business major, study abroad for a full semester in an immersive experience, and complete an advanced foreign language collateral in their chosen second language.
  • Expansion of Business Fellows honors program. This three-year honors program is open to the top 10 percent of Haslam students. The program provides an intellectual challenge for high-achieving, academically minded students enrolled in the college. By blending classroom learning and real-world experience, the Business Fellows Program prepares students to be innovative leaders in today’s competitive business climate. Students take smaller pre-business and business core honors courses each semester with other Business Fellows through a flexible academic curriculum. They will also engage in co-curricular activities, such as company site visits, guest speaker sessions and professional development workshops.

Any other notable news coming for 2024 that readers should know?

Breaking ground on a new 244,000 gross square-foot business building.

What are your program’s two biggest differentiators from other top undergraduate business programs? 

10 Undergrad Business Schools To Watch In 2024

Lane Morris, Tennessee Haslam Associate Dean

Haslam Undergraduate Business offers a holistic and integrated, college-based student experience that combines academic advising, student engagement, international programs and study abroad, professional and career development in a seamless one-stop shop for students to maximize their collegiate experience.

What separates your graduates from other business school graduates?

Humility and strong work ethic. A willingness to step up and do what is necessary for the team. A desire to have a positive impact on the community that is a signature quality for Haslam grads. Volunteer Spirit of selfless leadership.

Explain the career services, programming, and extracurriculars that give your students an advantage in career outcomes?

The Haslam Leaders professional development curriculum ensures that ALL undergraduate students gain basic professional and career development skills (i.e.: resume writing, LinkedIn, interviewing, salary negotiation). Recruiters and professionals support content, whether that is by sponsoring a business case to improve the students’ critical thinking skills, feedback on student resumes and elevator pitches, to guest speakers. In addition, the courses utilize various technologies to help prepare students for technology used in the job/internship search (ie: ATS, AI interviews).

Employer of the Day brings 60-plus employers to the Haslam Business Building each semester for students to connect with in a casual environment. Students also participate in VolTreks and professional development trips while being eligible for internship housing scholarships to financially support students.

International Programs and Study Abroad supports students in pursuing study abroad opportunities with extensive academic advising and program selection guidance. HCB graduates who studied abroad earn $3,728.90 more in salary, on average, than those who did not.

Haslam has more than 35 business-focused student organizations that afford students opportunities to gain leadership experience, create community, and engage in real-world applications learned in the classroom (e.g., AMAze student consulting group, committee within AMA).

What is the most underrated feature of your undergraduate business program and how does it enhance the experience for your business majors?

The culture (i.e., family feel) that embraces competition but encourages collaboration. The vibrancy of the community you feel when you walk into the building of students connecting and feeling at home. Students interacting with faculty and staff in the hallways before and after class. You think about the work of many faculty creating a culture of hard work and respect. Other units on campus want to recreate what we have.

10 Undergrad Business Schools To Watch In 2024

Haslam students visiting the PGA Tour during The Business Side of Sports trip to Jacksonville. Courtesy photo

Which employers are the biggest consumers of your undergraduate talent and what have they told you about your alumni that make them so special?

Top employers include Pilot Company, PepsiCo, Axle Logistics, Dell, TQL, Amazon, Deloitte, JEAR Logistics, HCA Healthcare, KPMG, & Oracle.

What else would you like readers to know about your program?

Haslam faculty enjoy working with undergraduates. The college values its undergraduates as much as its MBAs, and it shows in the sustained growth and in its upward trajectory in rankings.

The Haslam College of Business has led the way at the University of Tennessee in fostering a sense of belonging that has resulted in increasing retention and graduation rates. Students can have a small school experience if they wish with the benefit of a large school’s resources and opportunities.

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