Marcela Rodrigues



Consultant Bio

I started my career at a top management-consulting firm, founded an e-commerce start-up and, for the last 2.5 years, has been a partner at a Hedge Fund. I am both a workaholic, up all night toiling away on her next big project, and an avid explorer who’s traveled virtually all over the world since leaving her hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am a voracious reader who loves Vargas Llosa, but can still delight in reading Harry Potter in 5 different languages.

My interests include (in no particular order): The Chinese economy, popular music, tidbits from the 80s, Brazil’s social problems and MBA applications! Oh, and I received my MBA from Harvard Business School in 2009 where she just so happened to meet the love of her life.

Company Information

Admissionado is a results-driven MBA admissions consulting agency. We have a lust for smart ideas and
tactics that – quite simply – work. We embrace a two-person specialty approach to consulting, leveraging the talents of strategic business geniuses with masters of writing. Browse through our website to get a sense of our style, our process, our team, and our case studies. We’re a no-nonsense crew, committed to delivering a boutique experience that stretches potential and earns admit letters.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

We offer two different packages to accommodate individuals with different needs and budgets. Our Deluxe package includes everything under the sun: deep strategic guidance plus comprehensive essay development, along with all the supporting elements such as interview prep, resume and LOR support, and unlimited access to your MBA consultant. We also offer a more economical Junior Deluxe package (starting at $2,185) for those who prefer a more targeted experience: deep strategy plus comprehensive essay development (and the flexibility to add-on any individual elements as needed).

Location: Brazil

Phone: 866-409-4753



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Admissionado - Marcela Pipitone
    7 months ago
    My Admission Consultant, Marcela Pipitone, has been incredible and I would recommend her to anyone applying to business school. When I began the preparation process I was determined to apply to a top 10 business school, preferably top 5. Among others, I was admitted to Chicago Booth and INSEAD. I am confident that without Marcela this would have not been possible. What first stood out to me during our initial call, was how friendly she was. In comparison to other admission consultants that I had interviewed she truly seemed interested in understanding my whole story instead of just boiling down to the numbers. Marcela has proved to be a great support throughout the whole process. When I began to draft my essays for Round1 ...
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    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Successful Snipershot with Admissionado
    7 months ago
    My brother-in-law advised me to reach out to Admissionado consultants and use the free consultation call to reconfirm my application strategy. During the call with Marcela, I was given very realistic expectations regarding the chance to get accepted to certain schools taking into account my candidate profile and stats, including the age of 30+ that is way above the average age of applicants. In addition, Marcela was happy to give me a high level review of my ready-to-submit essays. As a result of the call, I reconsidered my approach and decided to focus and snipershot; apply to only one school that was my #1 choice, INSEAD. Admissionado was also very flexible with creating a customized package of services for me. I really enjoyed personal involvement of ...
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    Class of 2018, Admit
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  • Marcela understands me!
    9 months ago
    With the help of Marcela and her team, I applied and got in Yale, UCLA, Duke and Darden (full ride) with 100% success rate. I turned to Admissionado after 2 dings and 1 WL in round one. Marcela cheered me up with her positive energy and quickly analyzed what I did wrong in round one. She tried to listen to my stories and really personalized my applications. The strategy worked out apparently! I would highly her! Keep up the good work :)
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Commited and helpful
    10 months ago
    Marcela helped me applying to 4 full time MBAs in top-10 schools... In about 2 months! I'm 32 years old, well above the average; my GMAT was 720 and my GPA 3.3. Marcela's support throughout the process was consistent and helpful; just what I needed given the time constraint. She made me work harder than I had expected, asking the proper questions in order to better develop my essays and my CV. She always kept pushy and committed to the answer time. In the end I managed to build 4 cohesive and competitive applications that made the best out of my traits and experiences. I got called to interview by 2 out of 4 schools and got waitlisted in another one prior to interview. In ...
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    - Javier Mozo Olea
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