Mr. Indian IT Auditor

About Me:

I am currently an IT Audit Consultant working at Deloitte as a Consultant. I graduated with a B Tech degree from NIT Silchar. I have done a content writing internship and have co-authored an anthology with 20 other young writers.


Target School: Wharton

Considering: Harvard, Stanford GSB, MIT Sloan

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India

Undergrad Major: Electrical Engineering

GPA: 3.8

GMAT: 740

Age: 25,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Content writing

Work History:

Title: Associate Solution Advisor (Consultant)

Industry: Consulting

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 8 mos

Big Life Wins:

– Spot award at work for asking the right questions at the right time for three Fortune 500 clients.
– Cleared both JEE mains entrance examinations for Engineering in 2015 as well as State level Medical entrance exams with 83rd rank in the same year.

Post MBA Goal:

Short-term: Interested in a Strategy Consulting job to learn and solve problems in a variety of sectors.
Long-term: Would love to contribute towards growing a startup that is involved in AI, Medicine, or Biotechnology. The startup would not only solve human problems but also provide employment to people as well as support the community via charitable work


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    Hi Mr. Indian IT Auditor,
    It sounds like you are a rising star at Deloitte! This is Debbie Choy from mbaMission. I think you have a lot of strengths in your profile – excellent academics (GPA and GMAT), solid professional experience, and interesting extracurriculars. As you pull your apps together, be sure to describe what motivates you to be passionate about pivoting into strategy consulting and later on into a social impact startup. Why MBA? What specific skillset or knowledge are you seeking at Wharton? As well, don’t hesitate to share your personal stories, for example, why are you passionate about content writing? If you can articulate this compellingly in your essays, that would be the key to your application success. If you would like to …

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  • 15% | 3 years ago

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