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Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business


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School Data

Annual Tuition: $34,100

Acceptance Rate: 22%

Full-Time Enrollment: 441

Average GPA: 3.49

International: 29%

Minority: 16%

Average Age: 25

Annual Tuition Non-Resident: $34,100

Median GMAT: 710

GMAT Range (mid-80%): 660-755

Female: 42%

GPA Range (mid-80%): 3.10-3.84

Male: 58%

Application Deadlines: Application Deadlines Early Action: September 12th, 2018 Round 1: October 10th, 2018 Round 2: January 3rd, 2019 Round 3: March 20th, 2019

Alums who go off and become successful always reflect well on their alma matar. And Duke can lay claim to providing the MBA education for one of the most famous executives in the world: Apple CEO Tim Cook, late founder Steve Jobs’ handpicked successor. It’s hard to imagine any school having a better living advertisement for itself. In recent years, Fuqua has had great success at matching its MBA graduates with world-class companies seeking the best and brightest. The breadth and diversity of the recruiters coming to Fuqua is a testament to the quality of its students and what the school makes of them.

The Fuqua MBA degree promises an education with a 360-degree perspective that encompasses the history of mistakes and shortcuts in business while simultaneously looking to the future with a palpable optimism. Fuqua’s goal is to create the business leaders of tomorrow, leaders who demonstrate competence, character, and purpose – leaders of consequence who are comparable to famous Fuqua alumni.

The first term at the Fuqua School of Business focuses on the development of collaborative leadership and organizational management skills along with a global outlook. The Full-Time MBA program begins with a three-week Global Institute featuring two core courses: Leadership, Ethics and Organizations; and Global Institutions and Environments. This institute begins the process of helping students to become collaborative leaders within a global business environment. Students then dive into the major functional areas in business, including economics, finance, marketing, and operations management.

Throughout the remainder of the program, students can undertake a wide-ranging general management education designed to suit their individual goals; alternatively, they have the option to focus on a particular career path through a variety of interdisciplinary concentrations and certificate opportunities.

The program seeks out students who have clearly demonstrated attributes consistent with those of a consequential leader. These qualities are available on their website, and can be browsed in the table on the site. The Fuqua MBA also offers meaningful pathways to specific industries by way of concentrations, of which there are a great variety. From energy and environment, to social entrepreneurship, the Fuqua MBA is adaptable to the specific interests and strengths of its students.

Fuqua students have an exceptional level of access to international experiential learning opportunities, with various student exchange opportunities and both the Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) and the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) sending students on international experiential training trips.

The GATE program sends students to foreign countries for two weeks after studying the business, culture, economy, and politics of the destination country for six weeks. Similarly, the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum offers similar international and domestic experiential opportunities to students in a variety of industries.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, Fuqua offers the Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E), which aims to help entrepreneurs define, plan, establish and finance new entrepreneurial ventures. In the program, undergraduate, graduate and professional students gather into teams spanning multiple disciplines, to explore new potential markets for innovative products. The teams also evaluate business models for viability and determine the best approach to bring them to market.

Most schools have a distinguished speakers series available for students, but few have speakers who are as distinguished as those at Fuqua. Past speakers have included Cook of Apple, and Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express.

Contact Information

100 Fuqua Drive,
Box 90120,
Durham, NC 27708
Admissions Office:

From The Fuqua School of Business


Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is a top-ranked graduate business school within an extensive multi-discipline university, dedicated to advancing the understanding of management through research and providing the highest quality education. One of only a few business schools to have achieved a #1 ranking in Bloomberg’s Business Week, Fuqua attracts and develops leaders who thrive on differences in people and experience, have the ability to bring out strengths in others, can move teams toward a common purpose, and inspire organizations to win the right way. We recruit students from around the world who share these values. We help them develop the sharp skills to analyze options, an open mind to appreciate other perspectives, and a leadership style that inspires entire organizations to do better while doing what’s best.  It’s why our culture and environment feel different—more supportive, more collaborative, more immersive, more diverse. We measure our graduates’ success by their impact on workplaces and the world around them, their relationships and their reputations. Our broad Fuqua community of high-achieving students and faculty is richer because of our many differences – of opinion, age, ethnicity, gender, belief, talent and family circumstance.


Established in 1969 as the Graduate School of Business Administration at Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business provides management education programs of the highest quality. Its MBA program graduated its inaugural class of students in 1972. J. B. Fuqua, formerly chairman of The Fuqua Companies in Atlanta, Georgia, supported the school generously in its development. In honor of Mr. Fuqua’s contribution to the school and personal participation in its growth, the school was renamed The Fuqua School of Business in 1980. Since that time, the school has grown to include eight academic degree programs and more than 1,700 master’s degree candidates enrolled in daytime and executive MBA programs as well as two master of management studies programs and two master of quantitative management programs. The school also offers a PhD program and non-degree executive education courses and seminars.

Degree Programs Offered

Fuqua’s wide range of degree programs that provide formats and flexibility to enable working professionals as well as full-time students to earn graduate degrees, includes:

Our full-time, top-ranked MBA program attracts and nurtures a new kind of leader. Students learn alongside a diverse group of peers—people from different countries and markets who all have a keen intellectual curiosity. At Fuqua, they develop the sharp skills to analyze options, an open mind to appreciate other perspectives, and a new way of working based on an instinct to draw out strengths in others. Our students become leaders who inspire organizations to do better while doing what’s best.

Working professionals from around the world come together to experience diversity at its core. Our unique team approach and a cohort of executives with distinct backgrounds, combine to deliver an experience that leaves a lasting impact—on you and on the world. Taught across five global residency locations such as Berlin, Shanghai, Santiago, New Delhi, and at the Duke University campus in Durham, NC, working professionals will learn about global business by being there, without interrupting their career growth.

Goal-oriented, seasoned professionals attend this program to master new skills without interrupting their work lives or lifestyles. Students learn how to lead and empower teams to do what’s best for the business, the community, and the world. The weekend format allows them to experience Durham and the immersive, diverse, collaborative environment we foster. These working professionals learn as much from their peer group as they do from our top-ranked, world-renowned faculty.

This program is designed for recent graduates looking to launch a successful career and truly stand out from their competition in the job market. By combining their unique background with practical business skills, they create a skillset that serves as a springboard for your career and beyond. At Fuqua, students are part of an immersive and collaborative environment that’s founded on a different kind of teamwork—one that encourages them to lead toward a shared goal by bringing out the strengths in others. Working with an international peer group and our world-renowned faculty provides the opportunity to explore, experiment, and move outside their comfort zone.


Designed for new college graduates, this international master’s program provides core business skills with exposure to an emerging and influential global market. Students spend time in Durham, NC, and Kunshan, China, learning from an international peer group and our Fuqua faculty. This program will push them to try new things, experiment, and explore as they develop the skills to become a leader who does better while doing what’s best.

College graduates with strong quantitative backgrounds sharpen their ability to analyze options in this program focused on identifying and communicating insights from data. Students develop technical expertise in their chosen functional track, while learning enhanced problem-solving methods and collaboration skills that will help them move their teams forward.

This program is designed for professionals with strong quantitative backgrounds pursuing careers in the health sector. Students learn the business functions, industry context, and advanced data analytics needed for decision making in health care markets. The online format allows for flexibility while they immerse themselves in the intensive collaboration model we foster. Coming together in an industry roundtable, working professionals will focus on building relationships and creating value for their organizations.

Students in the Daytime, Global Executive, and Weekend Executive MBA programs are able to get a certificate in Health Sector Management. Daytime MBA students also have the option to earn a certificate in Financial Excellence or in Management Science and Technology Management (MSTeM).

While the Fuqua School of Business is based in North America, several of our programs include academic study experiences in other regions including East Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. The school has long-standing relationships with firms in key industries such as energy, financial services, consulting, health care, consumer goods, technology, and media and entertainment.  Our network of over 22,000 Fuqua alumni, many of whom maintain a high level of engagement with the business school, has both functional breadth and industry depth and continues to make a significant impact in the members’ organizations and beyond. In addition, managers and executives of leading firms worldwide attend Fuqua’s non-degree Executive Education programs.

As you consider programs, we hope you’ll engage with Fuqua on social media, explore the resources on our website, and connect with our community to learn more. Finding the right fit is important—for you, and for Fuqua—and our admissions process for each of our programs is designed to ensure we learn about each other. We’re here to help you identify the program that’s right for you and to support you throughout your application.