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University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business


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Contact Information

310 Hough Hall
1404 Union Dr.
Gainesville, FL 32611
Admissions Office:

School Data

Annual Tuition: $26,473

Acceptance Rate: 13.4%

Full-Time Enrollment: 94

International: 14%

Minority: 16%

Average Age: 29

Female: 34%

Male: 66%

Application Deadlines: Round 1 - October 15 | International Applicants - October 15 | Round 2 - January 15 | Round 3 - May 15

The Hough School of Business MBA: What You Need To Know

For the fourth consecutive year, the UF MBA was named among the top 10 U.S. public full-time programs by US News and World Report. The program was first introduced for working professionals in 1993.

Gainesville, Florida is a smaller town, with just over 140,000 people, yet it has many of the features of a large city. Students can participate in year-round outdoor activities and sports leagues, and within a couple of hours’ drive, you can visit world-famous theme parks, the ocean, and clear water natural springs.

The 22-month MBA is designed for individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds looking for deeper immersion, and is fairly exclusive, with an overall acceptance rate of just 23.9%.

For those who want a more rigorous format, Hough also offers the full-time MBA in a one-year format or a ten-month format. Students come to the program with around four years of working experience. The one-year accelerated path features 10 of the 16 required core courses for the two-year MBA. Like the two-year path, students can complete optional global immersion experiences during the fall and spring. In total, students need 48 credits.

In the second year, Hough MBAs can further expand their studies in one of 6 concentrations – business analytics, human capital, marketing, real estate, strategy, and supply chain management. Optional global immersion experiences take place during fall break the second year as well as over spring break.

“I chose UF for a couple of reasons and the most important ones to me are one: the success of the Business Career Services in job placements. Two: the student and alumni engagement and support. I was connected to alumni even before joining the program and he was gracious enough to set time aside to meet with me and share his experiences. I felt I’d get the support I need in the UF MBA program. Three: small cohort size that allows me to interact closely with each of my classmates. Networking is a major component of the UF MBA program, and a small cohort size allows me to cultivate meaningful professional relationships with my colleagues,” says MBA Daniel Mbeyah on UF’s site.

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