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IE Business School

MBA Program Stats

Annual Tuition: €72,200

Annual Tuition Non-Resident: €72,200

Acceptance Rate: 33%

Full-Time Enrollment: 450

Average GPA: 4

Median GMAT: 680

International: 95%

Minority: N/A%

Female: 35%

Male: 65%

Average Age: 29

What You Need To Know

A lot of business schools talk about being entrepreneurial, but entrepreneurship is in Madrid-based IE’s DNA. The school was set up in 1973 by three entrepreneurs, rather than academics, and it retains a creative spirit that other schools can only aspire to — as well as the flagship International MBA (IMBA), a highly regarded executive MBA, an online Global MBA (the world’s first), and an Asian-focused program run with Singapore Management University. The B-School says that the MBA is perfect for those who are “open-minded adventurers seeking a unique MBA program that brings opportunities for personal and professional transformation, inside the classroom and out.”

Aside from being a major business hub that is home to numerous multinational companies and industries, Madrid offers students to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture, learn a new language, and experience a diverse range of cuisines, festivals, and attractions. Some of the top Madrid-based companies that IE graduates go on to work for are Banco Santander, Telefónica, Inditex, and BBVA.

Academics And Programs

IE is committed to having a diverse cohort; each year 90% or more of its students are international, from over 44 nationalities representing 450 students. Typically, a quarter comes from Europe, the same amount hails from Latin America, and North America and Asia account for another 15% each. The B-School offers students the choice to study entirely in English or in an English-Spanish hybrid format.

True to IE’s commitment to doing things differently, the IMBA spans 11, 15 or 19-months (dual-degree) and is organized in an unusual way. The program kicks off with a six-month Core Period that includes the usual business fundamentals, such as accounting and managerial decision-making. But it gives equal weight to two other areas: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset — IE was the first business school to make an entrepreneurial course a requirement — and Thinking Beyond Business, which includes courses on Innovation in a Digital World, Critical Management Thinking, and Business, Government, and Society.

This is followed by a two-month Lab Period. Depending on how they see their futures, students can choose between Business Lab (for those wanting to work in a corporation), Start-Up Lab (for entrepreneurs), or Social Impact Lab. Alternatively, those focused on a career change can do a four- to seven-week internship.

The final, four-month Elective Period is where students choose from a long menu of electives and/or take on consulting projects, exchanges, or treks. There is also Venture Lab, which helps take a business idea to investment-readiness. All of this runs parallel with courses in Career and Behavioral Fitness, which promise to develop students’ soft skills to make them more competitive.

Outside of curriculum, IE MBAs can join any of the 120 clubs, with the most popular including IE Sports & Wellbeing, IE Net Impact Club and IE Women in Business. They also have access to IE’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, where there’s a collection of investors, mentors, and an international network of successful entrepreneurs with the knowledge and expertise to help you turn your ideas into reality.

IE’s also boasts an in-house incubator called Area 31 – a dedicated workspace for startups created by IE alumni. Area 31 is home to businesses at every stage of development, so it provides an ecosystem where MBAs can explore all aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation.

“At our business school, we believe education isn’t really about filling your head with facts. It’s about transforming you personally and professionally, creating those game-changing moments that all of us have at different times in our lives, that move us from being what we are now to something better. We call that the Next Best You,” says Dean Lee Newman.

Why Students Chose

“I chose IE’s MBA program for its entrepreneurial mindset and its non-traditional and future-oriented approach. I was certain that IE Business School would be the ideal place to build the necessary skill set, expand my network globally, and emerge as a responsible leader at my own venture. I chose to attend IE Business School because I knew it would help me hone my competitiveness and bring together my marketing experience, entrepreneurial nature, and my international commercial track record.” Amélie Leuchtenberger (‘20)

“I chose IE Business School for the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the experience of a real entrepreneurial venture through the Startup and Venture Labs. This was essential for me. I really appreciate the possibility of freely deciding what value to create, even with all the risk that comes with starting your own venture. Entrepreneurship is different from other professional categories – the possibilities are endless, and, for me, that is the beauty of it.” Antonio Lucena López (‘20)

“IE Business School’s relentless focus on diversity – from a geographic and cultural perspective as well as in regard to educational and professional backgrounds – really appealed to me. I believe that the exchange of ideas and visions that ensue from diversity creates a unique atmosphere that helps individuals explore critical thinking and understand different values. Moreover, approximately 50% of IE’s MBA program can be tailored and I find this really exciting!” Mees Middelweerd (‘20)

“The IE curriculum places a lot of emphasis on technology and digital transformation. We learn about new technologies, but also spend time discussing frameworks and the various considerations applicable to implementation. Even the slowest moving of industries are preparing for their move to digital, and the next generation of executives will need to be nimble to keep up with that change. It’s important for me to become proficient in this process so that I can confidently usher my organization through this change.” Stephanie Rocha (‘20)

“Having some years of work experience, I was looking for a short MBA program that I could tailor to fit my interests and objectives. IE allows me to customize my learning, focus on specific interests and collaborate with like-minded individuals from all over the world. At the same time, there is enough flexibility to explore new possible interest areas and opportunities.” Swasti Mishra (‘20)

Career Stats

IE’s Compensation and Career Statistics

Compensation   Statistics 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Mean Base Salary 75,846 77,750 73,365 71,195 69,712
% of MBAs Employed 3 months post   Graduation 92% 92% 91% 92%


Industry Choices of IE’s MBA Graduates

% of MBAs Employed   by Industry Sector 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Consulting 15% 18% 19% 17% 21%
Consumer Products 15% 12% 14% 15% 14%
Financial Services 20% 20% 19% 19% 21%
Law, auditing & tax 4% 0% 0%
Manufacturing 4% 6% 6% 7%
Media Entertainment 4% 0% 0%
Technology 10% 16% 0% 13% 13%
Real Estate / Construction 5% 5% 3% 4%
Government, NGOs 5%
Industry, Energy, Construction 20%
Pharma, Biotech, Health 5% 4% 4% 7% 2%
Energy 5% 3% 3% 3%
Other 2% 16% 17% 17% 15%

Where IE Graduate MBAs Went To Work

Top Hirers of IE MBA’s in 2016
Credit Suisse

Admissions For IE Business School

From IE Business School

Welcome to a globally acclaimed international school and leader in innovative learning. Consistently recognized as one of the top business schools in the world based on international rankings, IE Business School will empower you to reach the pinnacle of personal and professional excellence.

With a risk-taking and boundary-breaking entrepreneurial foundation, IE Business School is an institution of restless learning. An institution of powerful connection. An institution that always strives for more. It mirrors the market, molding its education to incorporate current trends using innovative methodologies. The faculty of more than 500 professors represents countless years of hands-on professional expertise, giving you access to the latest in industry insights and cutting-edge analysis.

IE Business School offers a wide array of programs in different areas of study. From bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and dual degrees; to MBA & EMBA, certificate, and executive education programs—we will empower you to find the perfect fit for your unique profile. You will develop deep skill sets in specific areas of business: management, finance, marketing and communication, talent development and leadership, and business tech and analytics. Catering to the real needs of the real world, the school offers programs in full-time, part-time or blended formats to ensure utmost flexibility.

A state-of-the-art urban campus in Madrid, delegations across five continents, and students from over 140 nations give IE Business School its distinctly international flair. Its global network represents international, transformational entrepreneurial vision. Through an unabashed celebration of multicultural perspectives, you will gain invaluable insights into today’s most important economic regions and a truly global outlook of the modern business world.


“The Master in Management is a comprehensive program for managers of the future. Designed for persons with 0-2 years of experience in management, you’ll undertake a transformative journey that will completely update your management skills, kick-start your career and prepare you to lead in an evolving business ecosystem.

Available in English only or Engllish and Spanish, the program covers every aspect of modern management—from the fundamentals of finance to critical thinking to tech and innovation management. The program is 50% customizable with versatile elective offerings and provides a 360-degree perspective of business management. The diverse, international cohort will widen your world perspectives and further boost your critical thinking and leadership skills, giving you a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Designed to give you an edge in a competitive job market, the Master in Management will broaden your horizons and immerse you in the practical, leaving you more than ready for the challenge of management, no matter your career path.”

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Language: English or Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  • Location: Madrid
  • Intake: September & January
  • Mode of Study: Full-time
  • Format: In-person

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The International MBA is our flagship full-time MBA program in Madrid. It will take you on a transformational journey that shapes professionals and entrepreneurs, turning them into leaders that generate impact and drive change around the world. This program empowers you to hone your leadership skills and sharpen your business insights as you prepare to tackle today’s quickly changing business environment. With this program, you will benefit from in-person learning from our world-class faculty, top-of-the-line technology and cutting-edge teaching practices so that you can experience high-quality learning to prepare for your professional journey. Participants will improve their management skills, boost their career potential and gain invaluable leadership skills. You will also learn from top-tier academics and immediately apply invaluable insights to your day-to-day work, as well as receive a 360º view of the world from an international cohort.

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Language: English or Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  • Location: Madrid
  • Intake: September & January
  • Mode of Study: Full-time
  • Format: In-person

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“The Global Online MBA is a unique and challenging blended program, giving you the tools to boost your career potential without sacrificing professional momentum. Over the course of 17, 24 or 30 months, this top-ranked MBA program will empower you to become a transformer, thrive and drive change in digital communities, and increase your employability. You will learn skills that will transform you into a professional with sharpened business perspectives and a leader who is prepared to face the rapidly-evolving business environment of today. Our future-forward blended format combines world-class faculty, top-of-the-line technology and cutting-edge teaching practices to ensure that you experience high-quality learning with maximum flexibility to fit your busy life.

As part of the blended program, the Global Online MBA has residential periods in Madrid, while the virtual campus represents the front line of modern learning—featuring collaborative, faculty-led forums and sessions that are accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. You will learn from top-tier academics and immediately apply invaluable insights to your day-to-day work.”

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 17, 24 or 30 months
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online and Madrid or 100% Online
  • Intake: September & February
  • Mode of Study: Part-time
  • Format: Blended

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The Executive MBA at IE Business School empowers you to hone your leadership skills and sharpen your business insights as you prepare to tackle today’s rapidly changing business environment. Alongside an international group of like-minded peers and expert professors, you’ll gain cutting-edge, globalized insights to drive long-term success in the current competitive business landscape. You will learn from top-tier academics and immediately apply invaluable insights to your day-to-day work. You’ve already shown yourself to be an experienced industry leader. Now is the time to take those skills to the next level with the Executive MBA.

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 18 months
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Location: Online + Madrid
  • Intake: September & March
  • Mode of Study: Part-time
  • Format: Blended

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“IE Business School’s Global Executive MBA is an international, top-ranked program for global business leaders. Our five face-to-face residential weeks span three continents—America, Europe and Asia—providing our students with valuable and actionable insights into today’s most important economic regions. This firsthand experience alongside interactive online classes will give you a truly global vision of the modern business world.

The Global Executive MBA turns proven experience into continued success. Its blended format combines interactive online periods with face-to-face classes around the world, allowing well-established professionals to participate in this intensive program. Our prestigious partner institutions, UCLA, SMU and the Center for the Governance of Change join forces with our own top-tier faculty to challenge your global strategy capabilities, and equip you with the tools for C-suite success.”

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 15 months
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online, Madrid, London, Singapore & Los Angeles
  • Intake: October
  • Mode of Study: Part-time
  • Format: Blended

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“Brown University and IE Business School have forged a unique alliance to offer a globally-ranked and triple-certified Executive MBA. Together, we educate reflective leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs who care about the human and societal implications of business.

Over 15 months, you will join together with an international cohort of peers and partake in a rigorous academic journey with renowned faculty. Featuring online and in-person lessons, the unique curriculum incorporates a humanistic approach to understanding how to do business. Beginning with topics such as finance and entrepreneurship, the program will then explore areas focused on societal impact, such as globalization, sustainability, diversity and equity, and the impact of history on our modern world. ”

Quick Facts

  • Format: Blended online sessions & 5 residential weeks
  • Length: 15 Months starting in March
  • Profile: 10+ years of work experience
  • Schools: IE Business School & Brown University

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“The Master in Finance gives you first-hand insight into the realities of modern financial markets. Our inclusive program has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. It covers the latest trends on corporate finance and private equity, global markets, asset management and alternative investments, as well as a deep dive into finance analytics and digital finance, with a focus on artificial intelligence and the application of big data to finance.

The program was devised to equip leading practitioners like you with the cutting-edge knowledge necessary to conquer the ever-changing realm of finance. Our goal is to fill every classroom with the most talented men and women, offering you unending opportunities to network, collaborate and hone your professional chops with the best of the best.”

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Language: English
  • Location: Madrid
  • Intake: September & April
  • Format: Full-time
  • Optional Trips: London, New York, Ghana & Frankfurt”

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Student Features For IE Business School

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“A Filipina taking inspiration from the world, always eager to bring the learnings back home”

2023 Best & Brightest MBA: Wouter Jaspers, IE Business School

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2023 Best & Brightest MBA: Ashmita Dutta, IE Business School

“Marketing professional, with a passion for dogs, fantasy fiction, cubism, and feminism”

2022 Best & Brightest Online MBA: Iouliana Litou, IE Business School

“Lifelong student, curious and restless. Engineering background with philosophical questions and human psychology interests”

2022 Best & Brightest Online MBA: Shir Zalzberg-Gino, IE Business School

“Israeli user experience manager living in the Netherlands, community builder, and Forbes 30 under 30”

2021 MBAs To Watch: Cristian Arens, IE Business School

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Master’s In Finance: Sofía Arriba, IE Business School

After graduating from her bachelor's degree with the second best academic record, she enrolled in her top school choice at IE Business School. Now, she's joined Duff & Phelps, one of the world's leading valuation firms as a Valuation Analysis.

School Features

IE Business School

Innovation: A Digital Toolkit For Business Grads

IE Business School will hand more than a diploma to its graduates. IE will also receive a digital toolkit of frameworks & tools to have an immediate impact at work

2022 Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors: Kriti Jain, IE Business School

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Lee Newman Named New Dean Of IE Business School

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Rankings Data For IE Business School

Year Poets&Quants
2023-2024 11
2022-2023 15
2021-2022 15
2020-2021 12
2019-2020 11

News Coverage For IE Business School

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Touts what it calls a 'liquid learning model'