Cornell’s Johnson School of Management

BusinessWeek, which largely measures MBA programs on student and recruiter satisfaction, gave Johnson a rank of 13th in 2010, down two spots from 11th in 2008. That’s largely the result of its No. 23 corporate recruiter ranking in the BusinessWeek survey. The school does an especially good job, however, of satisfying MBA students. BW gave Johnson a rank of eighth in its student survey. As one Class of 2010 grad told BusinessWeek: “The Johnson School pays a great amount of attention to its students. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants a top education, a great community with tight knit classmates, access to a world class university, loyal alumni, and opportunities for applying what you learn to real situations (consulting projects in the immersion programs and classes, venture capital experience through Big Red Ventures, hedge fund/asset management experience through the Cayuga Fund, etc.).”

Top Feeder Colleges & Companies to Cornell:

Top Feeder Colleges to Cornell’s Johnson School

Top Feeder Companies to Cornell’s Johnson School

MBA Program Consideration Set:

Stretch Schools:  MIT SloanBerkeley, Duke

Match Schools:  Virginia, New York University, Michigan, YaleCarnegie Mellon, UCLA

Safe SchoolsNorth CarolinaTexas at AustinEmory, Indiana

2011 -2012 Tuition & Fees: $51,480

School Recommended Two-Year Budget: $147,320

Median GMAT: 700

GMAT Range (mid-80%): 630-740

Average GPA: 3.30

Acceptance Rate: 27%

Full-Time Enrollment: 593

International: 34%

Female: 30%


African American: 10%

Asian American: 25%

Hispanic or Latino American: 4%

Mean Age: 27

Median Base Salary: $100,000

Median Signing Bonus: $20,000

Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: 79%

Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later: 89%

Estimate of Total Pay over a 20-Year Career*: $2,844,421 (only 12 other U.S. business schools had higher career pay numbers)

Where Cornell’s Class of 2011 Went to Work:

Financial Services — 32%

Consulting — 25%

Manufacturing — 10%

Technology — 10%

Consumer Products — 9%

Health Care/Biotech — 4%

Media/Entertainment — 1%

Energy — 1%

Non-Profit — 1%

Real Estate — 1%

Government — 1%

Top Employers of Johnson MBAs

2011 Top Employers MBAs Hired 2010 Top Employers MBAs Hired
Citigroup 21 J.P. Morgan Chase 10
J.P. Morgan 11 Johnson & Johnson 8
Accenture 6 Deloitte Consulting 7
Bank of America 6 American Express 6
Hewlett Packard Co. 6 Citigroup 6
Johnson & Johnson 6 General Electric 6
Deloitte Consulting 5 S.C. Johnson & Son 4
Deutsche Bank 5 Unilever 4
Goldman Sachs 5 McKinsey & Co. 3
Procter & Gamble 5 Colgate-Palmolive 3
UBS Investment Bank 5 PriceWaterhouseCoopers 3
American Express 4 Deutsche Bank 3
Bain & Co. 4 BNP Paribas 3
BNP Paribas 4 Ernst & Young 3
Cisco Systems 4 Morgan Stanley 3

Source: Johnson Employment Reports

Notes: MBA Program Consideration Set: If you believe you’re a close match to this school–based on your GMAT and GPA scores,  your age and work experience, you should look at these other competitive full-time MBA programs as well. We list them by stretch, match and safety. These options are presented on the basis of brand image and ranking status.

* Payscale 2010 estimate for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

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