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Ivey Business School at Western University

MBA Program Stats

Annual Tuition: $83,250 CDN

Annual Tuition Non-Resident: $123,500 CDN

Full-Time Enrollment: 150

Average GPA: 3.5

Median GMAT: 670

Median GRE: 320

International: 35%

Female: 35%

Male: 65%

Average Age: 29

What You Need To Know

The Ivey MBA at Western University’s Ivey Business School sits in London, Ontario, in Canada. London is just a two-hour drive from Toronto, and home to several major companies, including 3M Canada, General Dynamics Land Systems, and StarTech.com. 

Two things make Western University Ivey Business School, based at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, stand out from the crowd. The first is its deep commitment to the case method. Forget lectures: the entire Ivey MBA is taught via cases that the school creates itself — it is the second-biggest writer of cases, after Harvard Business School.

“I chose Ivey for three reasons. One, it was number one in Canada at the time I was applying. I knew I wanted to stay in Canada, so I knew that it would help me get into the big consulting firms where I wanted to go (It worked: I now work for Deloitte). Two, the network. I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the generosity of Ivey alumni. Over 30 people, from senior managers to partners, gave me valuable feedback that helped me land my post-MBA job. Three, the case methodology seemed like a great technique. The most valuable thing I learned was emotional intelligence. From working intensely with teams, I became far better at reading other people’s emotions better and quicker, which has been extremely useful in my current job, where I work a lot with highly stressed execs,” says MBA Jay Kiew.

Academics And Programs

Ivey students can expect to study about 300 cases during the program, which can range from Alibaba’s Corporate Values to Starbucks Customer Service, via Tata Motors and Cirque du Soleil. The point is to create a practical, action-oriented education which the school likens — in a pretty snappy analogy — to “being in a corporate flight simulator for a year.”

The second thing that makes Ivey different is that its full-time MBA is short for a North American MBA, spanning just 12 months — a timeframe far more popular in Europe. That makes the program a serious option for people who don’t want to take two years off of work. Since the MBA is condensed, certain elements present on other MBAs are dropped from the requirements, like built in immersions aboard. Trips to China or South America are optional with this MBA, and there is no required internship. The short duration helps a lot with ROI, and the result is a super-efficient and very job-centered MBA experience.

Job-searching is one of Ivey’s specialties. Recruiters get involved right from the admissions process, ensuring that Ivey only selects students that it is sure it can help find a job in the short time available. The careers service is helped by a helpful and supportive alumni network consisting of 25,000 people in over 100 countries.

Why Students Chose

“I was excited by the opportunity at Ivey to do a study trip and the leadership under fire course. Both programs represent an interactive application of our learnings outside of the classroom. This is not only fun, but an accelerated way to see how our classroom learnings translate to the real world.” Reilly Baggs (‘23)

“One of the reasons I chose Ivey was because of the 1-year program. I think the rigorous level of academics prepares you well post-MBA. I also heard great things from previous graduates; they’ve all landed in great places and the Ivey alumni network is a very large, talented, and supportive organization that I wanted to be a part of.” Shivali Barot (‘23)

“For me, the length of the program is a crucial aspect that affected my decisions. Being in the technology industry, where changes happen every day, being out of the workforce for two years is very costly for me. In addition, being a non-commuter school means that the people of Ivey spend a lot more time together and develop deeper and hopefully longer-lasting relationships.” Tuan Nguyen (‘23)

“The length of the program and the alumni network were two factors that led me to choose Ivey, asides from classmates and cases. The strong alumni network was evident in the number of past students that were willing to provide guidance to me, who are also thriving in several industries across Canada. Additionally, Ivey is one of the top business schools in Canada for MBA.” Funmilayo Smart (‘23)

“One of the biggest reasons I chose Ivey is its extensive alumni network. Ivey’s network offers seemingly limitless opportunities to connect with incredible people in virtually every industry. In my experience, Ivey alumni are always happy to connect with me.” Giustin MacLean (‘23)

Career Stats

Compensation Statistics of Ivey MBAs

Compensation Statistics (CAD) 2019 2018 2015 2014 2013
Median Base Salary $ 92,000 $ 90,000 $ 86,500 $ 84,500 $ 85,000
Median Sign On Bonus $ 15,000 $ 13,000 $ 15,000 $ 10,000 $ 10,000
Median Other Guaranteed Bonus $ 7,500 $ 8,502 $ 9,325 $ 11,000 $ 12,500
Median Total Compensation $ 114,500 $ 111,502 $ 101,479 $ 98,205 $ 95,687

Ivey MBA Graduate Employment Offers

Job Offers 2019 2018
% of MBAs With Job offers within 3 months of completion 91% 90%

Industry Choices of Ivey MBAs

% of MBAs Employed   by Industry Sector 2019 2018 2015 2014 2013
Consulting 42% 28% 27% 19% 31%
Consumer Packaged Goods 5% 4% 3% 4% 8%
Financial Serivces 25% 35% 37% 41% 42%
Energy 6% 8% 4%
Technology 9% 7% 8% 11% 5%
Real Estate/Construction 3%
Wholesale / Retail 2% 6%
Health Sciences 3% 6% 4%
Other 12% 16% 11% 6%
Legal 3% 2%
Manufacturing 2%
Construction 6% 2%
Real Estate/Property 1%
Telecommunications/Communications 2%
Environmental 2%
Education 2%
Distribution/Transportation 1%

Where Ivey MBAs Went To Work

Top Hirers Of Ivey   MBAs
3M Canada Company
A.T. Kearney
BMO Financial Group
Johnson & Johnson
Mattamy Homes Limited
National Bank of Canada
Partners In Performance
RBC Financial Group
Restaurant Brands International (RBI)
TD Bank Financial Group
TELUS Corporation
The Boston Consulting Group
The Kraft Heinz Company
ZS Associates

Admissions For Ivey Business School

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Ivey’s One-Year MBA Program

Ivey’s full-time MBA program is one year in length and begins each March with up to 150 students.

Our one-year format recognizes that part of the big cost of doing your MBA is time away from your career. With only one year out of the workforce instead of two, we’ve minimized your opportunity cost while providing a world-class package of intense curriculum that will help you to achieve your career goals and get you back to work quickly.

Top MBA Program in Canada

Ranked #1 in Canada for five years running by Bloomberg Businessweek for both student and recruiter satisfaction, Ivey Business School has one of the best MBA programs in the country. We’re proud of both our student experience and how well our graduates consistently perform in the marketplace.

#1 for Career Management

Work with our top-ranked Career Management team to prepare for post-MBA jobs, career transitions and skills for long-term career success. Our consistently strong job placement rates are a testament to the talent and resources of our Career Management team.

Top 20 Alumni Network Globally

Join a network of 26,000 alumni in 105 countries and discover why The Economist consistently ranks our alumni network top 20 in the world. You’ll have access to a community of engaged and responsive alumni, allowing you to build connections that will foster career growth, mentorship opportunities, and lifelong friendships. Meet our past graduates.

Practice Business Every Day

The Ivey MBA curriculum is delivered using Ivey’s case study method, combining theory with practice. Using almost 300 cases a year, we engage students in an action-oriented and dynamic approach that mirrors the challenges and complexities of real-world business. While other schools may employ cases in their teaching methodology, Ivey is the only case-based program in Canada.

Ivey faculty use cases and work together to expand your perspective on the way issues and decisions impact an entire organization, using cross-teaching and an integrated approach to curriculum planning.

Student Life at Ivey

Ivey attracts some of the most talented young professionals from all over the globe. In addition to their diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds, the quality of their professional experience enhances the learning environment and student success. That’s why The Economist has ranked Ivey Top 5 in the world for Education Experience.

With everyone in our class is moving from somewhere else and committing completely to their year in Canada, students become part of an immersive experience. They build relationships beyond the classroom, forming stronger ties with fellow classmates – something that’s hard to do at a commuter campus. It all takes place at our award-winning campus and the LEED® certified Richard Ivey Building in London, Canada.

Student Features For Ivey Business School

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School Features

2017 Best 40 Under 40 Professors: Ning Su, Ivey Business School

Receives a record 72 nominations for 40 Under 40

Rankings Data For Ivey Business School

Global Rankings 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Poets&Quants 23 22 26 21 23
Financial Times 47 43 44 47 48
The Economist 20 18 19 22 27
BusinessWeek 13 11 11 10 1

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