An Invite to Interview from Cornell’s Johnson School

woke up today feeling pretty happy.  I got my happy back! as per my facebook status this morning!  I’m not sure what it was that put me in a good mood but I was happy all day!  There was just something in the air!   I knew that Michigan’s R2 Batch 2 decisions were coming out today, but I told myself that I wasn’t going to think about that.  I thought that gauging from Friday’s results that invites would not go out until around 2pm so I was calm until about 1:30.  Then… I logged out of my gmail account around 2pm because I didn’t want a lack of an invite to take my Happy away from me.  I was on a natural high.

Then around 4:30 I had to check my email for something that I sent myself.  I scanned the 6 new emails that I had and saw that one said Johnson Interview Invite.  Initially I said to myself “Johnson is the school at Cornell…. wait… Interview to Invite?!?  OMG OMG OMG OMG”  Then I opened it… and read it and said “YES!!!”  I told my coworker who sits next to me and she gave me a hug.  Lol.. I know over dramatic yes… but she has her MBA so she knew what I was going through.  It was nice to be able to share the happiness with my co-workers.

I then told my recommenders and they congratulated me and what not.  So now I’m in a different stage of the game. Interviewing!!!  So yes I did interview for the Consortium back in October and that went well, but now I have to interview for Cornell by February 18th.  I have the option of doing a phone interview or going up to campus and doing a campus interview.  HHmm let me see here… what to do what to do?  DUH!  I’m sure by now it’s obvious to know what my decision will be.  I plan to go back up to Ithaca.  It’s only about a 4.5 hour bus ride – completely doable in a day.  Or maybe I’ll go up and stay over that day and come back on Saturday.  Who knows?!?  I have some friends up there we can hang out… take a chill pill… ok not really because I’m positive they’re uber busy.

My interview is scheduled on the Cornell campus for Wednesday the 16th at 10:15!  I emailed my friend (one of the guys I met at the Reaching Out Leadership Conference) who is a 2nd year at Cornell to see if I could crash at his place.

I will be taking the Cornell Campus-2-Campus shuttle on Tuesday and will arrive infront of Sage Hall a little after 5:00.  Then I’ll be going to my friends apartment.  I gotta remember to not forget to print out updated copies of my resume.  Note To Self

There is a lot going on behind the scenes now that I’ve been invited to interview.  I have a lot of research to do.  There’s a lot of emailing going on… What are the emails for?  Well instead of talking to my Cornell friends on FB, I need a more formal venue.  I just want to make sure that the things that I have in my head make sense.  I’ve also dug out the information that I received at Johnson Means Business.  I told myself to keep all of that information JUST IN CASE I needed them for an interview or as a re-applicant.  Thankfully it’s because of the former.

VIDEO ESSAYS – Tonight I sent my Tuck video essay to my friend because he wanted to see it.  Any time I send the video to people via YouTube, I upload it and then take it down immediately.  I do this even if the video is private just in case ya know?  Well I remember my friend from Saturday Night telling me that there were a lot of NYU ESSAY 3’s on YouTube.  So after I sent my video to my friend I started watching NYU Essays on YouTube.  I watched about 5 of them and the main difference between their videos and mine was the time allowed.

My video could be a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Some of the NYU Essays were 10 minutes+!  A.) I can’t imagine editing and putting together a 10 minute video essay.  I know how long my video essay took so if I had to add another 8 minutes and 30 seconds to it, I would die.  I don’t think they had a time limit but I wonder at what point does one tell themselves “Ok this is a long video”   Then on the flipside – how do X amount of application reviewers watch that many videos that are that long?  It boggles my mind!  ::shrugs:: Oh well I didn’t have to do one for NYU thankfully, because that would have thrown a wrench in my plans.

Yale SOM – I received an email yesterday from Yale SOM saying that their decisions for my round would be released on February 25th.  Soooo……  I don’t even have to say “Next month I’ll find out official decisions.”  It’ll be THIS month!  Can’t believe the time has arrived.

It Doesn’t Stop – For all of those who are starting this process… just know this – once you hit submit…. “It” slows down but “It” doesn’t stop.  After March I will tell you what “It” is.  There’s too much competition now and the cost/benefit analysis doesn’t warrant me filling in the blanks at this juncture.

This report is adapted from Richard Battle-Baxter’s blog posts at “Ellipsing My Way…To Business School.”

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