The Essential To-Do List For The Accepted

6. Prepare for class.

• Plot out your first-year course schedule.

• Find out how to place out of core classes.

• Consider taking classes to fill in your knowledge gaps.

7. Find housing and move.

• Assess your housing preferences and investigate options.

• Interview potential roommates.

• Make your housing selection and sign a lease.

• If you have a roommate, agree on key issues and ground rules.

• Move in and stock the refrigerator.

• Get your school-related paperwork ready, from health insurance to vaccinations.

8. Figure out your finances.

• Determine your spending style.

• Make an honest budget.

• Figure out how you are going to pay for school and file the necessary forms.

• Submit the FAFSA and apply for private loans as well.

• Get other funding sources lined up.

Case Studies & Cocktails: The “Now What?” Guide to Surviving Business School

Carrie Shuchart and Chris Ryan are the authors of “Case Studies & Cocktails: The ‘Now What?’ Guide to Surviving Business School.” This article is an adaptation from the book. Shuchart, who has an MBA from Columbia Business School, is a consultant with McKinsey & Co. in Los Angeles. Ryan, who has an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, is director of product and instructor development for ManhattanGMAT in New York. Both Carrie and Chris are also long-time instructors at Manhattan GMAT. As part of an ongoing initiative to serve its students beyond test prep, Manhattan GMAT commissioned and published this book.