McKinsey Doubles MBA Hires At Duke

Technology Firm Hires Of 2011 MBAS From Top B-Schools

Company Wharton MIT Columbia Kellogg Tuck Duke Michigan Haas Darden
Amazon 15 7 5 5 17 5 8
Google 11 10 7 8
Microsoft 16 7 5 5 10
IBM 8 7 5
Samsung 4 5 6
Apple 7 7
Intel 6
Genentech 6
Applied Materials 3

Source: Business schools reporting to Bloomberg BusinessWeek on the largest employers of their recent graduating classes. Most of these companies recruit at many of the top schools but may not have hired enough MBAs to be among the top employers. As a result, a blank space in the table means that data is not currently available on their hires from the school because they fall below the top ten hirers on that campus. As the schools release their full employment reports, we’ll update this article and table.

(See next page for table of the top consumer marketing and where they hired the most MBAs in 2011).