After Rejections from Harvard, MIT & Columbia, Some Good News

In the past month or so, Sloan, Columbia, and Harvard each said thanks, but no thanks, leaving me 0 for 5 with two to go (and well short of my original expectations).

Luckily, though, I just heard news of my acceptance into Tuck. The school even threw in a scholarship for good measure. This email from a friend also echoes my current feelings: “SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

Until I received my Tuck acceptance, my results had been underwhelming. Through it all, God has continually reminded me amidst my disappointment that He is in control of all things and that His plans are good. As a Christian, it’s really easy to say, “God, I’m going to trust in you,” and then turn around, draw out plans of your own, and go back to Him, saying, “God, I really think this is what you want me to do with my life.”

Which isn’t actually trusting God and in fact makes it easy to question Him when you don’t get what you want. So while I ardently hope that God plans for me to attend Tuck or Booth this fall, I’m ready to embrace whatever He has in store for me.

This post is adapted from MBABoy, a blog written by an investment banker and anonymous MBA applicant who has a GMAT score of 760 and is targeting Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Tuck, Columbia, and Chicago Booth.

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  • Oh, you., How is that a person mentions God and people automatically get offended? This is especially amazing when a person who doesn’t believe in God gets upset.  If someone told me that the Easter Bunny gave them an egg I would just say “Oh.  Cool beans.  Good for you.”  I wouldn’t get smart, cynical, or say something offensive to them to mock them or their Easter bunny.   If you’re going to be an MBA then you’re going to have to deal respectfully with people who don’t believe the same way that you do.  Please grow a pair and get over it.

    MBABoy, by now you probably know where you’re going.  I hope that our God gives you a wonderful time there and major success in your career.  From one MBA to another: Be encouraged.

  • Oh, you.

    Yes, yes. Sure. Your god cares so much about you that he’s gonna nudge your chances at getting into business school a little higher, while conveniently ignoring all of the people who need -real- help.

  • Freder89

    John Reimer Actually i found AlanH77 comment quite funny and on mark…i really appreciated his resnse of humor

  • John Reimer

    AlanH77 Your cynicism is unappreciated. And I will beg to differ that God knows all his children and cares what they do. Banker, writer, teacher whatever it is God wants them to succeed and will help them.

  • AlanH77

    God totally gets personally involved in whether bankers get into business school.