MBA Admission Consultants Who Once Worked On The Inside

By no means is this a complete list, but it gives you a sense of how common it has become for MBA admission officials to become MBA admission consultants. Dozens of business school adcom staffers have made the switch, bringing with them inside knowhow of how admission decisions are made.

Former Adcom Officials Who Now Consult With MBA Applicants



School ConsultantFirmFormer Admissions Title
HarvardMaxx DuffyMaxx AssociatesAssociate Director (19NA-1976)
HarvardChioma IsiadinsoEXPARTUSAssistant Director (2000-2002)
HarvardMollie WolinEXPARTUSAssistant Director (2000-2004)
HarvardPauline JennettThe MBA ExchangeAssociate Director (2008-2012)
StanfordLisa ParkThe Admission Advisory GroupAssistant Director (1998-2004)
StanfordMaureen PhalenThe Admission Advisory GroupAssistant Director (1999-2002)
StanfordKatharine LewismbaMissionAdmissions Reader (2007-2009)
WhartonJudith HodaraJudithSHodara.comSenior Associate Director (2004-2009)
WhartonKimberly Raynor-SmithThe MBA ExchangeAssociate Director (2001-2004)
WhartonGraham RichmondClear AdmitCounselor


WhartonBrett HaberClear AdmitCounselor


ChicagoBrad PearsonThe MBA ExchangeAssociate Director (1997-2000)
ColumbiaHeather NicholsonThe MBA ExchangeAssistant Director (1997-2001)
ColumbiaJoanne Garcé-RodríguezThe MBA ExchangeManager, EMBA Program (1998-2002)
ColumbiaJennifer LaRusso-LeungThe MBA ExchangeAssociate Director (2008-2011)
ColumbiaDeena MaerowitzClear AdmitAssociate Director (2004-2005)
DartmouthStacey OylerClear AdmitAssistant Director (2003-2005)
MichiganAparna BamanThe MBA ExchangeAssociate Director (2006-2010)
MichiganJana BlanchetteInside MBA AdmissionsSenior Director (2007-2008)
MichiganNatalie Brinblatt EpsteinAccepted.comDirector, Enrollment Mgt. (1987-1998)
CornellNatalie Brinblatt EpsteinAccepted.comDirector (1998-2005)
UCLAKaren LeeThe MBA ExchangeAssociate Director (2004-2006)



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