The Best TED Talks By B-School Professors

1) Harvard Business School’s Amy Cuddy: “YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SHAPES WHO YOU ARE”


Is this information new? 5

Yes. Most body language research focuses on how we can use it to change other peoples’ perceptions of us. Cuddy shows us how we can use it to change our perceptions of ourselves.

Is the presentation engaging? 4

It’s far from monochrome. Cuddy outlines her ideas with a mixture of authority and vulnerability. She’ll reel you in by comparing politicians to primates and leave you with a personal story that’ll make you feel ready to take on the world. The beginning could be a bit shorter, but you’ll have forgotten it by the time you reach the end.

Is this spicier than a class presentation? 4

Watching the talk does feel a bit like watching a lecture, but I’d imagine Cuddy’s classes are pretty popular. She’s great at describing her research thoroughly without relying on jargon.

Does it leave viewers with practical takeaways? 5

The takeaways are the best part of the talk. Cuddy has a non-gimmicky approach to personal development. She tells MBAs — yes, specifically MBAs — how to get better participation grades and ace stressful interviews. Plus, if you’re looking to find love in business school, her advice is especially helpful to those on the dating circuit.

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