20 Essential MOOC Courses In Business

Organizational Analysis 


School: Stanford University

Platform: Coursera

Link: Organizational Analysis

Start Date: March 31, 2014 (10 Weeks)

Workload: Not Specified

Instructor: Daniel McFarland

Credentials: Professor McFarland is an Associate Professor at Stanford University, where he also serves as the director of the school’s certificate program in Computational Social Science. A prolific researcher, McFarland focuses on social structures and patterns, particularly in the areas of organizational and classroom behavior and social networks.

Graded: There are two statements of accomplishment available, based on whether they met the “basic requirements” or the “advanced requirements” of the course.

Description: In this course, students will examine change initiatives in organizations ranging from public school systems to private companies. Each week, students will be exposed to a new organizational theory and apply it to specific cases. By knowing what drives individual and group behaviors under particular circumstances, students can identify the strategies that will yield the best long-term results. The course will consist of a series of short lectures, weekly readings, and interactive assessments. Students can interact with their peers and Professor McFarland through an online forum. Students wishing to meet the course’s “advanced requirements” must write a short paper and perform peer evaluations of others’ work.

Review: “An excellent overview of various perspectives on organizations. McFarland explains and conveys the material very well, plus much of the learning is immediately and practically applicable. Warning: this course does require focus and time commitment to do well.” For additional reviews of this course, click here.

Additional Note: FutureLearn has an “Understanding Modern Business and Organizations” MOOC available through Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde. To access that course, click here.

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