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10 MBA Programs That Accept The Most Applicants

Thinking about enrolling in an MBA program, but you just don’t have the grades…or the GMAT score…or the extracurriculars? Stuck working the floor at Best Buy, dreaming of someday becoming a big shot? Fear not. You don’t need to suffer in some online program with a fancy name (and an address in the Caribbean) or a B-school that just opened in a strip mall (and also has a Caribbean mailing address).

Yes, you too can earn an MBA from a reputable institution. Here, you can get a second (or third or fourth) chance to show what you can do. So if you’re desperate to get accepted into an MBA program – any MBA program – here are the schools with the highest acceptance rates, according to U.S. News and World Report:

U.S. News RankSchoolAcceptance RateAnnual Tuition
NRUniversity of South Dakota95.0%Per Credit: $210 (In-State) and $445 (Out-of-State)
NRClark Atlanta93.5%$812 Per Credit
104Northern Arizona University89.4%$10,023 (In-State) and $21,117 (Out of State)
100University of Kentucky (Gatton)86.9%$11,495 (In-State) and $23,560 (Out-of-State)
NRWilliamette University (Atkinson)86.7%$34,782 Per Year
NRNorthern Illinois University83.6%$40,936 (In-State)$57,309 (Out of State)
NRBelmont University (Massey)79.1%$48,230 Per Year
100University of St. Thomas (Opus)78.5%$30,430 Per Year
76Pepperdine (Graziadio)77.7%$43,930 Per Year
87Texas Tech (Rawls)76.4%Per Credit: $252 (In-State) and $606 (Out-of-State)

Source: U.S. News and World Report

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Source: U.S. News and World Report