Meet the Georgetown MBA Class of 2016


At Georgetown, Hubert attributed the increase in quality and quantity of students to increased marketing efforts and  new membership in the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management—a not-for-profit dedicated to creating diversity and inclusion in American business.

As noted in a previously published article, MBA applications are trending up at many schools. Georgetown saw an applicant pool increase of 23.1%, the sixth highest increase among reporting schools. In June, with schools still reporting numbers, 12 schools had reported a greater than 10% increase of applicants. The University of Washington’s Foster School of Business led the pack with a ridiculous 73.8% increase. Despite the increase in applicants, Georgetown kept the enrollment number the same as last year at 270 and dropped the acceptance rate below 50%. The higher applicant pool could increase again next year resulting from Georgetown’s plan to decrease required application essays.

Another change specific to this year’s Georgetown class is technology and media. Those sectors are among the top three previous employment industries for the first time. Hubert believes the recent explosion of tech and new media startups, specifically in Washington D.C., will continue to contribute to an increase in this category.

As this year’s Georgetown MBA class gets through orientation and into classes they have the capability to go beyond comparing Financial Reporting notes and bump ideas off each other about how to create a band in India, be a national baseball player and how to acquire all 120 Boy Scout badges off of each other.


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