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Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business is ranked 25th among the best B-schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.

Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business

The Top Business Schools: Social Life, Networking, Career Support, and Financial Aid (Continued)

Career Support


Rank School Rating
1 Drexel University 9.714
2 Wake Forest University 9.700
3 University of New Mexico 9.667
4 University of Texas-Austin 9.563
5 Ohio State University 9.500
6 Penn State University 9.500
7 University of North Carolina 9.450
8 Rice University 9.429
9 University of Arkansas 9.389
10 Dartmouth College 9.333
11 Stanford University 9.313
12 University of California-Berkeley 9.269
13 Cornell University 9.250
14 University of Missouri-Columbia 9.200
15 University of Denver 9.179
22 Harvard 9.031
23 MIT 8.938
24 London Business School 8.900


Wake Forest (7 Respodents):

“Career services is very helpful and provides workshops and one on one counseling. I could not have picked a better MBA program!”

University of Texas (17 Respondents):

“The career center is outstanding. McCombs attracts employers so that students do not have to go searching too far for job opportunities.”

Rice University (7 Respondents):

“The career services are close in contact with students and employers to help everyone achieve their professional goals. Additionally, the generosity and strength of the alumni network is a great asset to this program.”

Cornell (39 Respondents):

“Many recruiters come to campus, we have constant coaching for interviews and there are a large offer of leadership and managerial skills programs.”

Quality of Network


Rank School Rating
1 University of Notre Dame 9.917
2 Stanford University 9.917
3 Dartmouth College 9.900
4 Thunderbird School of Global Management 9.875
5 Harvard University 9.800
6 Texas A&M University 9.750
7 Ohio State University 9.700
8 Emory University 9.667
9 Cornell University 9.654
10 Rice University 9.643
11 Columbia University 9.643
12 Florida State University 9.625
13 University of North Carolina 9.550
14 MIT 9.500
15 University of Pennsylvania 9.458
16 London Business School 9.400
19 Yale University 9.357

Notre Dame (16 Respondents):

“The network of Notre Dame is unlike any other. As a alumni from the undergraduate university, I can truly say that Notre Dame is one big family, and we go above and beyond to take care of each other.” (Note: This came from a current MBA Student at Mendoza)

Harvard (27 Respondents):

“Amazing network of like minded business leaders who strive to make a difference in the world.”

Texas A&M (16 Respondents):

“The Aggie network is second-to-none.”

“The Aggie network CAN’T be beat!”

Columbia University (36 Respondents):

“The alumni network is vast and includes some of the smartest people I have ever met.”

Financial Aid


Rank School Rating
1 Thunderbird School of Global Management 9.750
2 Ohio State University 9.500
3 Michigan State University 9.450
4 Brigham Young Univesity 9.375
5 Rice University 9.214
6 University of Houston 9.000
7 Dartmouth College 8.900
8 Drexel University 8.800
9 University of San Diego 8.750
10 MIT 8.600
11 Stanford University 8.583
12 Purdue University 8.438
13 Duke University 8.429
14 Tulane University 8.400
15 University of Missouri 8.333

Ohio State (11 Respondents):

“The small class sizes also enable many students to receive tuition assistance through graduate assistant positions.”

Brigham Young University (9 Respondents):

“best value per dollar program in the nation. Cons: because costs are so affordable finacial aid is minimal.”

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