The Best B-School Holiday Videos

7) University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business (Let It Snow)

Forget budgets and choreography. Sometimes, good old-fashioned kitsch does the trick. In their 2014 holiday greeting, Smith relies on candy cane sword fights, out-of-sync dance routines, and students prancing around as reindeers to drive home its point. Hopefully, that point was that the holidays are a time to cut loose and be silly among friends. It sure looked fun to make! Even Testudo came out of his (ahem) shell. For a similarly-themed video, check out Smith’s 2012 rock-n-roll version of “Jingle Bells

 8) Kansas State College of Business Administration (Jingle Bells)

Looking for a lighthearted version of a holiday classic? All these Kansas State students needed was a fiddle and an acoustic guitar. Great for a sing along!

9) Olin School of Business at Washington University (Holiday Dreams)

Here’s another variation of the “12 Days of Christmas,” which covers everything from coffee to recruiters to case studies. You’d be hard-pressed to call the video original, but a heartfelt holiday wish from Dean Mahendra Gupta helped it sneak onto the list.

10) Columbia Business School:

I’ll admit: We were hoping for Columbia’s holiday wishes to rank with their acclaimed Bitch in Business. Instead, we got an incomprehensible storyline where faculty receives the same generic holiday card from Dean Glenn Hubbard. Maybe they should’ve tasked Irina Yodovich with delivering holiday joy. Then again, we’d probably find Mrs. Claus passing out copies of Lean In to first graders as she rides herd on men in reindeer antlers.

Which videos did we miss? Please share your favorites in the comments below.

Happy holidays!

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