You Won’t Believe Who Harvard Business School Just Rejected

man stars

Mr. 2+2 Brown University


  • 760 GMAT (47%V/48%Q)
  • 3.96 GPA
  • Senior at Brown University majoring in Economics and Political Science
  • Interned at Goldman Sachs, investment banking, debt capital markets.
  • Recommendation was from my summer MD and a Brown administrator who I had worked with because of student government.
  • Wrote essay on my founding of a finance journal at Brown that now has over 150 members. My recommender also talked about this accomplishment in his letter.
  • 2+2 applicant white male

Sandy’s Analysis: Dunno, dude. This is solid all around. They probably just got tired of ultra high-performing finance types by the time they got to you, assuming execution was serviceable. It’s not a big issue, but profiles like this in 2+2 should apply ASAP, not Round 2. Still, the real reason is either bad luck, bad execution, or what Dee ate for lunch before looking at your application. Your essay topic is impressive but if it turned into a brag sheet or was odd, that could be an issue, too. But again, this is a real head scratcher. You still have a shot, though. Peeps like you get admitted as regular applicants in two to four years.

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