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Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

School: DelftX

Platform: edX

Registration Link: Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Start Date: June 28, 2015 (Self-Paced)

Workload: 40 Hours

Alexander de Haan

Alexander de Haan

Instructor: Alexander de Haan, Fieke Miedema, Elianne de Regt

Credentials: An aerospace engineer and organizational psychologist, de Haan teaches part-time at Delf and is the author of Solving Complex Problems.  Miedema earned her Bsc at Delft in 2014 and is working blending online courses for the school. De Regt is a teaching assistant at Delft and is currently co-authoring a book with de Haan.

Graded: Not Specified.

Description: Problems are more complex than ever, involving more people and operational touch points. Often, it is difficult to predict the chain reaction from an action – or how introducing or scaling variables can shape long-term consequences. Sometimes, decision-makers struggle just to get to the root of an issue. In this course, de Haan and his team will provide quantitative and qualitative tools to help students identify what the true problem is, establish realistic goals, gather data, design potential solutions, and make decisions that achieve the best results with the fewest tradeoffs and costs. As part of this course, students will apply tools like actor analysis, causal modeling, goal trees and means-end diagrams, problem diagrams, decision support, and score cards.

Review: “This is the best online course that I have ever taken. Thank you for providing such good quality of course materials and lectures. I will definitely recommend my friends and my co-workers to sign up on next one to gain more knowledge for resolving complex problems wisely.” To read additional reviews, click here.

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