Our 2016 Honor Roll: The 40 Under 40 Most Outstanding MBA Professors

Morela Hernandez of the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business

Morela Hernandez of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business

Among this year’s list, you’ll see that these young professors have reached mindblowing success. They’ve accomplished so much in their brief careers and, to think, they’re just getting started. Yet in many ways they’re just like you and I. There’s no shame in Laura Huang’s game when she tells us she loves rocking out to Miley Cyrus, while Professor Choi at Yale boyishly admits to a years-long crush on a woman whom he thought was way out of his league. Don’t worry, she then went on to become his wife. UCLA’s Jenessa Shapiro can barely contain her excitement about the Gilmore Girls reunion and has her donation ready to give to the next Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign.

They love everything from painting and cycling to hiking and yoga. They enjoy melodies sung by Taylor Swift and Beyonce. They tweet. And they have mentors and other professors whom they look up to for inspiration. Perhaps INSEAD’s Karan Girotra’s hobbies best demonstrate how even the world’s most talented business professors also take solace in the simple things in life. His hobbies are simply good food, good drink, and good friends.

To this we say cheers, and cheers to this year’s 40 outstanding business professors under the age of 40.

The Most Outstanding 40-Under-40 B-School Profs


Sebastian Becker34HEC ParisAccounting
Lauren Beitelspacher39Babson CollegeMarketing
Mary Brooke Billings39NYU (Stern)Accounting
Robert Boute36Vierick Business SchoolOperations & Supply Chain Management
Moran Cerf38Northwestern (Kellogg)Business & Neuroscience
James Choi39Yale SOMFinance
Willie Choi32Pittsburgh (Katz)Business Administration
Marco Di Maggio30ColumbiaFinance & Economics
Thomas Gilbert36Washington (Foster)Finance
Karan Girotra35INSEADManagement
Erika Hall31Emory (Goizueta)Negotiations
Morela Hernandez36Virginia (Darden)Leadership
Laura Huang37Penn (Wharton)Entrepreneurship
Stacey Jacobsen39SMU (Cox)Finance
Valerie Karplus35MIT (Sloan)Global Business & Entrepreneurship
Marcus Kirk37Florida (Warrington)Accounting
Adam Kleinbaum39Dartmouth (Tuck)Business Administration
Allison Koester35Georgetown (McDonough)Accounting
M. Murat Kristal39York (Schulich)Business Analytics
Camelia Kuhnen37UNC (Kenan-Flagler)Finance
Yuri Levin39Queen’s (Smith)Analytics
Robert Lount38Ohio State (Fisher)Management & Human Resources
Gustavo Manso38UC-Berkeley (Haas)Finance
Rory McDonald37HarvardManagement
Andrea Morales39Arizona State (Carey)Marketing
Carey K. Morewedge38Boston (Questrom)Marketing
Jeremy Petranka39Duke (Fuqua)Economics
Erin Reid35Boston (Questrom)Organizational Behavior
Angel Saz-Carranza39ESADEStrategy & Management
Matthias Seifert37IE Business SchoolDecision Sciences
Jenessa Shapiro35UCLA (Anderson)Organizational Leadership
Joseph Simmons38Penn (Wharton)Operatons
Niro Sivanathan37London Business SchoolOrganizational Behavior
Michael Smets38Oxford (Said)Management
Isaac Smith36Cornell (Johnson)Organizational Behavior
Amir Sufi39Chicago (Booth)Finance
András Tilcsik34Toronto (Rotman)Management
Brian Wu39Michigan (Ross)Management
Kai Chi (Sam) Yam27NUSOrganizational Behavior
Haoxiang Zhu33MIT (Sloan)Finance

Source: Poets&Quants

  • Paul Shart

    You have no clue what you are talking about. Just have a look at the public state websites the list the salaries of faculty…take special note of the business school faculty and then come back here and comment.

  • KV

    In addition to the comments below, keep in mind that from a faculty perspective, the ranking of desirable institutions looks very different than it is for students or outsiders. You say “even in Harvard” but some of the top young faculty (some on this list) turned down offers from HBS and other (to an outsider) high-prestige places for much better deals elsewhere. The game is very different from the inside…

  • SJL

    Well….if you are an assistant professor, you certainly don’t have the summers off. At least if you plan on making tenure at respectable schools. You’ll spend the entire summer trying to get publications.

  • Cochese

    Professors can also command large (~$30,000) speaking fees and they have summers off. If you’re more curious, Florida and Texas both publish public university salaries.

  • SJL

    Yes, it is more than most MBAs would make a few years out of the program. But you’ve got to remember that many folks with PhDs in business have an MBA or another masters degree. Plus a 5 year PhD program. So 10-11 years of education.

    In addition, the upside potential isn’t nearly as high as in the corporate world. Academia is notorious for salary inversion. If you don’t produce research wise then your starting salary may be the most you ever make (in terms of real dollars).

    The primary ways to get salary increases are lateral or upwards school moves (which means you need to be doing pretty well research wise) or to jump into administration. Even then, you are pretty much looking at a maximum of $450,000 or so for well-known chaired full professors…or a dean position at a high quality state school or private school.

  • dergo

    thats better than career in corporate. MBAs don’t make this amount two to three year out of b school.

  • Anonymous

    SJL is right. A first-year assistant prof in a major business school would make at least 160k (including summer support). The figure can go up to around 220k for an Ivy League institution.

  • Prakesh

    even in Harvard.

  • Prakesh

    I disagree, this is too much for assistant, may be for an associate but I never heard of a newly hired fresh phd has been offered more than 70 or 80K..

  • SJL

    Umm….much higher than that. For an assistant professor you are looking at 140k – 230k depending on the discipline (i.e., marketing v. finance v. accounting) and the quality of the school.

  • Farina

    around $60K to $70k ..

  • yalin

    how much the new assistant professor get paid in top b school?