Business Schools With The Best MBA Teaching Faculty

Wharton School operations and innovation management professor Christian Terwiesch teaching class – Ethan Baron photo






  • ProspectiveMBA

    Has anyone noticed that Tepper is punching well above its weight, at least what’s suggested in the recent Economist rankings? Tepper is ranked top 5 in both faculty and career center. Once they get the new building in 2018, they should be highly ranked in facility as well. Curious to see what happens in the next few years.

  • Hahaha

    This is what makes Booth formidable. The faculty is brilliant (Nobels) but they teach so well because they have relevant industry research. Such real-life based research is not only intellectually challenging but also current and relevant. (Compare that to other top schools who rely mainly on adjunct professors to infuse real-life flavor into the classroom)

    And since the professors have something new to say, not just what is written in books, it makes sense that not all their classes are case-based. The professor is part of the discussion; not just teaching but also arguing for his point of view against brilliant students who have long and relevant work experience behind them. (Unlike some schools where the professors are mainly arbiters of common knowledge available information coming from kids with 2 years work experience.)

    Tepper is like Booth in that regard. There is a thirst for knowledge and openness to debate – not just with words, but with analysis and real-life data and experience.

  • MBA alum

    All of the elite MBA program are placing increasing emphasis on the teaching quality of their faculty members. The MBA programs represent the University’s “cash cow”, where effective total revenue streams clearly outpace expenses. First, the MBAs are the most affluent alumni group with many of the most successful MBAs being generous donors to both the business school and the university. Second, the MBA case study curriculum is less expensive than STEM classes with their more expensive lab costs. Third, the business school’s executive education classes are extremely profitable since they charge much higher weekly fees using existing staff and facilities. Fourth, the MBA programs generate disproportionate entrepreneurs with most successful startups providing generous alumni donation opportunities, adding to university prestige, and helping attract additional entrepreneurial students to the university.
    In this context, the elite MBA programs will continue to plow more resources into new facilities, better faculty, more scholarships and curriculum improvements.

  • Katie D.

    I’m a Tepper second year and can attest — the faculty members at Tepper are incredible. First, they’re at the top of the game in terms of research and they do a fantastic job at pulling in their latest findings into lectures. But they’re also stellar facilitators, ensuring that students are contributing, heard, and grasping the material.