Podcast Interview With IMD’s Sean Meehan

Sean Meehan, incoming director of IMD’s MBA program


“We put so much emphasis on putting together what we call ‘the one best group of 90’ every year. That’s the class of 90 students we bring into IMD each year. From the students point of view, they are all high achievers, and they got admitted to a program that is highly selective and desirable. They think it is a big stretch and they get in and they are on a high. And then they look around and think, ‘Wow. I am one of 90 and they are all like me, extraordinary people with an amazing amount to bring to this one group of 90. That is the essence of what new students discover about their new environment.”

Listen to our CentreCourt MBA Festival interview with Sean Meehan, incoming director of the MBA program at IMD

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