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Radical Transparency Can Reduce Bias — But Only If Done Right

News from Harvard Business School

“Bridgewater Associates, which was founded by Ray Dalio in 1975, is the largest hedge fund in the world, managing almost $160 billion. Its size and success are not the only interesting thing about the company. Another is Dalio’s philosophy of ‘radical transparency,’ a topic he discusses in his new book, Principles. He brought the idea into the company in 1993, after three of his top confidants told him in a memo that he was hurting the firm by being too honest.

“To resolve the issue, Dalio started meeting with his employees individually to discuss how to treat one another. His goal? To create a culture where employees could engage in ‘thoughtful disagreement’ and exchange ideas without creating lasting conflict, even when the ideas were controversial.”

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The Invisible Roots Of Community Resilience

News from INSEAD

“The true test of togetherness for any community is how it responds when disaster strikes. In the face of a crisis, close-knit communities pull together and deliver help where needed, whereas people who are neighbours in name only will focus on their own welfare. Consequently, social cohesion is a key determinant of community resilience.

“But what determines social cohesion? My prior research found that in the United States, local banks’ response to the financial crisis of 1907 was greatly informed by their communities’ reaction to a similar collapse 14 years before. Specifically, banks that had been run on in 1893 turned more towards other banks for support during the later crisis; those that had avoided a run trusted the community enough to issue IOUs. The conclusion was that crises, despite their infrequency, cast a long shadow, altering community dynamics in ways that may not be apparent until the next crisis hits.”

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Left to right: Becky Sharp (BA’87, MBA’91), Paul Zettler (MBA’14), and Rick Apple (MBA, JD’12) share their startup experiences

Entrepreneur And Investor Symposium Gives Students A Crash Course In Startups

News from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management 

“On October 20, the Vanderbilt Entrepreneurs Association hosted its second annual Entrepreneur and Investor Symposium. Open to Owen students as well as Vanderbilt undergraduates, the symposium brings in panels of experts to share their real-life experiences in venture capital, search funds, and startups.

“Chris Booker (BS’07) joined Frist Cressey Ventures as a partner in 2016; prior to that, he was a partner at XMi Holdings, Inc. Andrew Goldner is the co-founder of GrowthX and a Kauffman Fellow, a two-year leadership development program for venture capitalists. Jared Winegrad is a principal for the FinTech Growth Fund at Cultivation Capital.”

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Local Capacity Building Crucial To Contain Pandemics

News from INSEAD

“Richard Brennan, Director of Emergency Operations at the World Health Organization (WHO), was director of the organization’s Department of Emergency Risk Management and Humanitarian Response during the Ebola crisis in West Africa. As the virus spread rapidly and the WHO sprang into action, it quickly became apparent that the countries involved in the crisis did not have the capacity to allow for the flow of crucial supplies. In the panic, borders were closed to prevent the spread of the disease. But that meant hazmat suits and other medical supplies couldn’t be distributed to front-line clinics in affected areas.

“At the 9th Annual Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics, held in Copenhagen last June and co-organized by the INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group, UNICEF, Georgia Tech, MIT and Northeastern University, Brennan described a number of barriers that prevent medical professionals from giving the help they can during pandemics.”

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Halley Rose Meslin talks about her study abroad trip to Denmark

Thinking About Studying Abroad? Check Out These Tips

News from Indiana University Kelley School of Business

“According to the Office of Overseas Study, one in four graduating seniors studied abroad while at IU. With more than 380 overseas studies programs in over 50 different countries, navigating the study abroad process can be overwhelming.

“La Casa Latino Cultural Center partnered with the IU Office of Overseas Study and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA) Overseas Studies and Scholarships Program to simplify the process for students looking to study abroad.”

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