B-School Bulletin: Life After The Military

As More People Worry About Monopolies, An Economist Explains What Antitrust Can And Can’t Do

News from Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

“According to a growing chorus of critics, America has a ‘monopoly problem.’ Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has said as much, as has Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. President Trump has called Amazon a ‘no-tax monopoly.’ In response, pundits, politicians, and think tanks are renewing their interest in antitrust policy.

“But is America really dominated by monopolies? And is antitrust the answer? Carl Shapiro is a professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, an expert in antitrust, and served at the Department of Justice during the Obama and Clinton administrations. He also served on the Council of Economic Advisors under President Obama.”

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Student-Led Trip Studies Innovation And Entrepreneurship In Colombia

News from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management 

“On the last day of Mod I, 12 students boarded a plane and flew to Colombia to spend 10 non-stop days learning about local innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Each fall break, the Global Business Association plans an international trip for MBA candidates to learn about doing business in another country. Students receive one credit for the trip, which counts towards the International Studies emphasis.

“This year’s trip was coordinated by the GBA as well as the Latin Business Association, since the trip focused on a Latin American country.”

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Lexie Brown, Bego Faz Davalos and Rebecca Greenwell are classmates in the Master of Management Studies program at the Fuqua School of Business. Chronicle photo

Duke Women’s Basketball Trio Mastering Fuqua MMS Grad Program

News from Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“In recent years, there have been extensive debates over what it means to be a student-athlete. This year, however, three Blue Devils are proving to be a perfect example.

“Duke’s Fuqua School of Business is home to students from across many disciplines. At 7 a.m., most graduate students are still resting up for a long day of classes and work. But for a distinct few, the day has already begun.

Rebecca Greenwell and Lexie Brown are staples of women’s basketball not just in the ACC, but on the national level as well. This year the Blue Devils will return the highest scoring duo in the ACC in these two stars. But the pair is not alone on the court, nor in the classroom after Duke added prolific rebounder and shot blocker Bego Faz Davalos this past offseason.”

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Mamadi Diane. UVA photo

Catching Up With Former Virginia Basketball Standout Mamadi Diane

News from University of Virginia Darden School of Business

“More than eight years after delivering a magical performance in his final basketball game at John Paul Jones Arena, Mamadi Diane is back at the University of Virginia, this time as a graduate student.

‘It’s a good feeling,’ said Diane, who’s in his first year in UVA’s Darden School of Business. ‘It’s nostalgic. It’s kind of awkward to seem like you haven’t gone anywhere in the past 10 years, but it’s good to see familiar faces.’”

“Much has changed since his undergraduate days, said Diane, who earned a bachelor’s degree in foreign affairs in 2009. Back then, he had a laptop that he used periodically, but ‘I did not know where Excel was on my computer back then,’ he said, smiling. ‘There’s a lot of different things that I’m using now that I had no idea how to use back then.’”

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Giving Doctors What They Need To Avoid Burnout

News from HBS

“Across the health care industry, there’s a growing sense that pushing doctors ever harder to achieve productivity, quality, and service goals is backfiring. Doctors are working harder than ever and spending more of their time documenting clinical metrics and measuring patient satisfaction. One consequence of this growing burden, studies show, is that more physicians are considering leaving their jobs or complaining of depression, exhaustion, and detachment that can jeopardize patient care.

“But we believe the implied solution — to combat burnout, you have to relax performance standards — is false. Great health care leaders can design staffing models and workflows that give doctors the support they need to meet performance goals while also creating sustainable, rewarding jobs.”

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Retail Trading Ripe For Fintech Disruption

News from INSEAD

“There are currently around 8,000 fintech start-ups globally, revolutionising lending, retail banking and banking processes. But less than 10 percent are in the capital markets space and an even smaller segment in retail trading. They also receive a disproportionately small amount of funding, roughly 4% of the US$96 billion of venture capital funding.

“Although they are currently a small segment, retail trading fintech firms are rising fast and are likely to accelerate a rush of entrants into the space, according to our report, Fintech and The Disruption of Retail Trading: Trends and Case Studies. Based on an analysis of disruptive fintech firms and interviews with more than 20 fintech start-ups and subject matter experts, we found multiple drivers that present huge opportunities for these players.”

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