B-School Bulletin: 8 Pioneering Penn Figures In Black History

Why These Wharton Faculty Love Teaching In San Francisco

News from The Wharton School

“Since its founding in 2001, Wharton San Francisco has been a hub of academic and entrepreneurial activity for Wharton students and alumni on the West Coast. Overlooking the city’s Embarcadero and a block from the Bay Bridge, the modern campus offers stunning views of the San Francisco Bay.

“EMBA courses at Wharton San Francisco are taught by East Coast-based faculty who fly to San Francisco for class weekends. Wharton faculty love teaching on the West Coast. We asked a few of them to share what they enjoy most about EMBA students and our San Francisco campus. Here is what they said:”

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Professor Kalyan Talluri is Program Director of MSc Business Analytics (Online)

Imperial College Business School Launches Online Masters In Business Analytics

News from Imperial College Business School

“Imperial College Business School is set to run its first Online Masters in Business Analytics program from October 2018.

“Modelled on Imperial’s existing offline MSc in business analytics, the MSc Business Analytics (online delivery, part-time) program has been built specifically to cater to business professionals around the world who wish to develop their capabilities in data analytics, programming and machine learning.

“The program will be delivered through The Hub, Imperial’s purpose-built online learning environment developed from the ground up by the School’s award winning Ed Tech lab.”

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Perfectionism Is Increasing, And That’s Not Good News

News from Harvard Business School

“According to the World Health Organization, a record number of young people worldwide are suffering from serious depression or anxiety disorders. In some sections of society, there is a tendency to dismiss this trend as the product of an over-indulged, over-entitled, and over-sensitive ‘snowflake generation.’

“To the contrary, there is growing evidence that the increase in psychological ill-health of young people may stem from the excessive standards that they hold for themselves and the harsh self-punishment they routinely engage in. Increasingly, young people hold irrational ideals for themselves, ideals that manifest in unrealistic expectations for academic and professional achievement, how they should look, and what they should own. Young people are seemingly internalizing a pre-eminent contemporary myth that things, including themselves, should be perfect.”

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How To Thrive As An Introvert At HBS

News from HBS

“Diamond Richardson is a first-year student at HBS (class of 2019). She is the co-founder of Thrive, a community designed to support women of color who are pursuing MBAs and careers in business and tech. Here, Diamond shares her experience and tips for future students about what life is like at HBS as an introvert.

“Do you have to be an extrovert to attend HBS?

“HBS is a social place. There is no doubt about it. You could easily fill up every second of your non-class hours with coffees, intramural sports, happy hours, dinners, and parties. In this environment, it is easy to feel like you have to be a person who gets energy from all of this constant social interaction (an extrovert) to be happy here. I, however, am an introvert. That does not necessarily mean I am shy. I love talking to people and listening to their stories. Despite that, I’ve learned that I need some downtime each day to recoup from my interactions and recharge.”

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McCombs Graduate Education Center Modernizes A Main Campus Entrance

News from the University of Texas-Austin McCombs School of Business 

“After more than nearly four years of construction, UT celebrated the grand opening of Robert B. Rowling Hall, the new graduate business education center in the McCombs School of Business.

“’Well finally, we have Rowling Hall after five years,’ said UT President Gregory Fenves at the grand opening on Thursday afternoon. ‘When I started — I started as president two and a half years ago — it was known as “Rowling Hole.”‘

“The new facility is five stories tall, with an additional six stories of underground parking, which provides more than 400 parking spaces. It has 17 classrooms, 23 conference rooms, 21 interview rooms, 80 study and breakout rooms and a 15,000 square-foot ballroom. The building also has a bar and a cafe, which was named ‘Moontower Cafe’ by a business student, who won the restaurant’s naming contest in 2015.”

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