B-School Bulletin: On The Enduring Appeal Of ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’

An Aerial, As Opposed To Ground-Level, View Of Time

News from UCLA Anderson School of Management 

“Do today and yesterday and tomorrow loom large in your thinking, with the more distant past and future barely visible on the horizon? That’s not unusual in today’s time-pressed world — and it seems a recipe for angst.

“Suppose, instead, you looked down on your life, or at least your calendar, from high overhead; and all your days, future and past, were equally visible and real to you, sort of like the sketches above. Might feelings of anxiety and guilt — and other negativity — recede, as you glimpsed a broader view of all you’ve done and all you’ll have time for going forward?

“That’s the notion put forward by UCLA Anderson’s Cassie Mogilner Holmes and Hal Hershfield and Stanford’s Jennifer Aaker — each of them devoted to the study of time, happiness and well-being — in a 2017 research review published in Consumer Psychology Review.”

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7 Ways To Build A Game-Changing Business

News from London Business School

“Thomas Fuerst knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur after spending his formative years working for his family’s manufacturing business in Germany. By his 40s, the founder and CEO of WebID Solutions had worked in M&A and consulting, before launching a venture with his father that sold cutlery. But Fuerst’s most successful business achievement was still to come.

“In 2004, the London Business School MBA graduate set up Fuerst Advisory Services, a consultancy helping German banks speed up their decision-making process for loan applications. It was this venture that gave him the idea for WebID Solutions, a video identification service used by banks to check the ID of customers looking to open accounts or get bank cards.

“Traditionally, people in Germany had to go to a bank branch to show their ID before becoming customers. But Fuerst’s business, which uses video technology to verify the applicant’s identity, has made the process much quicker and easier.”

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Podcast: Our Most Popular Advice On Improving Relationships With Colleagues

From Northwestern Kellogg

“Most of us spend a lot of time interacting with our coworkers. Being surrounded by the right teams can make long hours and challenging projects a lot more bearable. Getting along with our colleagues can make work fun.

“In this best-of podcast, Kellogg Insight offers advice on how to make the most of your work relationships. We hear from Kellogg School faculty Ellen Taaffe, a clinical assistant professor of leadership, and Eli Finkel, a professor of management and organizations, about the thorny task of giving feedback. We also hear from Jeanne Brett, a professor of management and organizations, about how to resolve workplace disputes.”

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The Pursuit Of Money: A Cautionary Tale

News from INSEAD

“’A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.’ – Jonathan Swift

“Paulo came from very humble beginnings. Through hard work and luck, he became a fabulously rich executive. Unfortunately, his new wealth changed him, but not for the better. Money seemed to illuminate a kind of arrogant and abusive behaviour that had not surfaced before. Paulo started believing that his wealth gave him the right to do whatever he wanted, which resulted in questionable ethical behaviour.

“Instead of assessing people by their qualities, Paulo would classify them according to their wealth. He saw poor people as total losers. His deteriorating ethics led him to shortchange others ruthlessly in order to add to his already sizable fortune. Paulo’s rise in fortunes corresponded with an equal descent into the social pitfalls of wealth: His lack of compassion and empathy contributed to his social isolation.”

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Students Pay Tribute To A ‘Quiet Heroine’

News from Yale SOM

“Rebecca Udler, Yale SOM’s director of academic affairs and student life, recently received the Quiet Heroine Award from the Yale Working Women’s Network in recognition of her support for and mentorship of students at the Yale School of Management.

“The department of Academic Affairs and Student Life, known as AASL, plays a major role in the student experience, in and out of the classroom. Udler and her team organize student orientation, commencement, and everything in between, as well as providing individual support and advice to students as they navigate the Yale SOM academic curriculum, lead student clubs, and put on conferences and other events.

“Udler was selected from among a pool of nominees who have distinguished themselves through exemplary service to the university community. Here, students reflect on what Udler’s support has meant to them:

“’Rebecca does it all: she plans Orientation, she manages a team that provides much-needed support to students, she sits down with you whenever you need her, she’s the Title IX Working Group leader and coordinator, she’s your champion who celebrates the highs and supports you during the lows. For the past two years, I’ve worked closely with her to create the most impact on Yale SOM because of her encouragement, open-mindedness to new ideas and solutions, and partnership in execution. It’s so wonderful to see her hard work celebrated because a lot of it usually goes unrecognized.’”

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