Is It Time To Take The MBA Plunge And Apply To B-School This Year?

Should you apply to business school this year? This is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make – one that has the potential to change your life. You might be hesitating to begin such a daunting process, but if you have taken the GMAT/GRE (or are ready to buckle down and study) and any of the following describe you, take the leap and start the application process. NOW.

  • You started your career 4 or 5 years ago. Your chances of admission begin to decrease slightly after 6 or more years of work experience. Do not despair if you have been in the workforce for longer; more experienced applicants can still be successful with the right approach. But if you are reaching the edge of this pre-MBA experience range, now might be right time to apply.
  • You are stuck at work. In many industries, it is very difficult to get promoted to the next level without an advanced degree. If you feel like you are watching coworkers with an MBA move forward while you stagnate, consider applying now.
  • You are considering a new career. An MBA will give you the knowledge and the network you need to start a new career. An advanced degree may also put your career advancement on the fast track by allowing you to start a new career at a higher level than you would without the degree.
  • You are ready to become a student again. Being a successful student takes time, hard work, and commitment. You will need the support of your family and peers to succeed. If you feel like you are in a good spot in your personal life and professional life to take on additional responsibilities or to take a break from work while you attend school, apply now.

Round 1 application deadlines are fast approaching. Plus, it will soon be time for round 2 candidates to kick-off their applications. If this list described you, make the commitment and start your applications today.

Scott Edinburgh is a Wharton MBA and MIT Sloan BS graduate and the Founder of Personal MBA Coach. As a boutique MBA admissions consulting and tutoring firm, we have been helping clients for over 10 years with a 96% success rate. Last year we helped applicants receive over $4.5M in fellowships. If you would like individual and personal support with any aspect of the MBA application process, find out more about Personal MBA Coach and our 5-star rating.