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Larry Van Horn, left, and former Senator Bill Frist discussed healthcare investing at Vanderbilt Owen. Owen photo

Senator Bill Frist Speaks To Students, Alumni About Healthcare Investing

News from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management 

“Even though it was the night of the midterm elections, there was hardly any mention of politics during the former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s talk on November 6. ‘We agreed not to have, and I don’t think anybody wants to hear, any conversation about politics, even though this is Election Day,’ joked Larry Van Horn, Executive Director of Health Affairs and Associate Professor of Management (Economics) at the Owen Graduate School of Management, following an introduction by Ralph Owen Dean M. Eric Johnson.

“While Frist is most known for his 12 years in the Senate, including four years as Senate Majority leader, he also has extensive experience in healthcare both before and after his time in politics. In fact, Frist and Van Horn co-founded the Nashville Health Care Council Fellows program, which brings together top healthcare executives from around the country to explore new solutions that meet the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system.”

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Dartmouth Tuck

Don’t Donate To Penn

News from Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business

“Higher education is a philanthropic cause that pries open the wallets of billionaires. But, that money should go to the institutions that can best serve students, not to those with the most attractive brand names.

“Every now and then, the world of higher education falls into a frenzy over the latest mega-donation. In 2015, John Paulson dumped $400 million on Harvard University. The following year, Phil Knight threw the same sum Stanford University’s way. There is intense competition among elite universities to boost the size of their endowments. Likewise, billionaires compete over who can lay claim to the most innovative alma mater, which helps explain the trend towards ostentatiously large gifts.”

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Raffaella Sadun. HBS photo

Harvard Business School Associate Professor Raffaella Sadun Wins National Science Foundation Grant

News from HBS

“The National Science Foundation (NSF), a U.S. federal government agency that promotes and supports research and education in math, science, engineering, and computer technology, announced today that Harvard Business School associate professor Raffaella Sadun and colleagues have received a research grant as part of the NSF’s Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier Project.

“With the help of scholars from the University of New Hampshire, the University of Washington, Wellesley College, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sadun is principle investigator in a study focusing on ‘The Next Mobile Office: Safe and Productive Work in Automated Vehicles.’

“According to the researchers, as cars become increasingly automated, they will take away a growing number of tasks from drivers, who will thus be free to engage in other activities, including efforts related to their work. The goal of the team’s research is to understand how commuters in automated vehicles can safely combine or switch between work and driving tasks. Such an increase in productive time could increase economic productivity, worker well-being, and firm profitability.”

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UW Hires Experienced Entrepreneur To Lead Institute of Innovation And Entrepreneurship

News from University of Wyoming College of Business

“A successful businessman who has personally founded multiple companies and helped establish many more has been hired to serve as chief operating officer of the University of Wyoming’s new Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE).

“Jack Mason, who most recently was director of entrepreneurial studies at the Palumbo Donahue School of Business Administration at Duquesne University, began his work at UW this week.

“The IIE aims to help create a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem across the university and the state, including enhanced public-private partnerships, best-of-class technology transfer and commercialization, innovations and more university-based startup companies.”

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The Return Of Realpolitik And The Rise Of Populism

News from INSEAD

“The imminent departure of Chancellor Merkel marks the end of a long reign that started in 2005, in what was on the face of it a different Europe.

“European economies were doing well and, despite votes in the Netherlands and France against an explicitly supranational constitution for the bloc, the old pragmatic diplomacy of post-war Europe was still in play.

“Its motto was: use the future as a location for unresolved problems. Since there has always been a near infinite number of problems, this method kept the whole process trim in pleasant expectation of further meetings in one of Europe’s beautiful watering holes.”

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