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Wharton Increases Tuition

The MBA at Wharton just got more expensive.

As top b-schools around the country freeze tuition increases due to dwindling applications, Wharton is raising its first-year tuition from $78,948 to $81,378 for this upcoming academic year, The Daily Pennsylvanian reports.


MBAs across the country are experiencing declining numbers of applications.

According to Inside Higher Ed, applications in the US are down 6.6%.

One of the reasons may be because the degree has gotten so expensive.

A survey of admission officials by Kaplan Test Prep found that 17% of respondents report the cost of an MBA as a top reason why applications are down.


At Harvard Business School, the tuition freeze is one way for the b-school to maintain affordability.

“We constantly think about how we make sure the cost and the financial aid are at a level that they feel really good about the investment,” Chad Losee, the head of MBA admissions at the Harvard Business School, tells Inside Higher Ed.

And Wharton is not immune to the drop in applications either.

Applications for the Class of 2020 saw a 6.7% decline, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

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