Meet USC Marshall’s MBA Class Of 2021

Lawrence K. Rolle

University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business

“Servant leader, out here changing the game; a man of the people and aspiring healer.”

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m an underpaid comedian who launched his first business on the first day of business school. Feel free to pay me.

Undergraduate School and Major: The University of Miami, Psychology; Keck School of Medicine of USC, MD Candidate

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Keck SOM, Student Physician

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: My biggest accomplishment thus far is being given the honor of representing The Keck School as an AAMC Herbert W. Nickens Scholar. The prestigious award is given to five medical students, amongst one nominee from each medical school throughout the country, working towards dismantling healthcare discrepancies and promoting justice in medical education. It felt surreal getting recognized at such a high level for something I truly believe I have been put on earth for. More meaningful than just being acknowledged for my hard work, it further solidified that I’m striving towards my calling; even more importantly, this renowned distinction further motivates me to honor Dr. Nickens’ legacy and be more intentional in my efforts to improve healthcare for my community. I feel I’m only just beginning in this journey, but learning of individuals before me who were given the award makes me feel as though I may grow to become as epic as I envision myself.

What quality best describes the MBA classmates you’ve met so far and why? Powerful. I really feel an inspiring aura around the people I’ve met that make me believe they each have a superpower and are burgeoning heroes. We are all from so many different environments, yet there is a mutual understanding of how this experience with one another is the catalyst for taking us to the next level. It seems the information we can learn from one another is limitless. It also seems I will have some powerful friends throughout the world. I’m really excited to learn all of their secrets to success.

Aside from your classmates, what was the key factor that led you to choose this program for your full-time MBA and why was it so important to you? In my time in LA, I’ve seen the strength of the Trojan Family. There are no bounds to the impact of individuals who have come through this institution and learning more about my school is further solidifying that influence is being bred here at USC Marshall. USC’s presence as a whole is second to none in California, and renowned globally. I could sense there’s something special being involved in this program, and I can’t wait to see it fully realized on my journey.

What club or activity are you looking most forward to in business school? I’m looking forward to a lot in this experience, like bringing the C4C Golden Briefcase home; however, a club that I’m most interested in is the Healthcare Leadership Association. In my medical training, we learn nothing of the business aspect of medicine and exposing myself more to what patients and medical organizations experience will help me become a better physician. I plan to be a strong leader wherever my career takes me; that being said, I feel HLA will be impactful in my development and help me better contribute to my peers’ experience here at USC Marshall.

What was the most challenging question you were asked during the admissions process? If we were to create a course at Marshall, what would it be and what’s the lesson plan. It made me evaluate what I felt I’ve learned enough in life of to be able to provide meaningful instruction, as well as having a hunger of learning for it.

What led you to pursue an MBA at this point in your career? I know that I plan to be a leader throughout my career in medicine and I thought of the MBA as a type of formal (or informal) leadership training. I know it will help me gain some of the skills that will strengthen my weaknesses and I’ll be surrounded by strong, inspiring individuals who can teach me even more about their respective experiences and make me a better leader. I also know wherever my career takes me, the MBA will prove essential, whether in hospital leadership, medical school leadership, and/or providing care in my own practice.

How did you determine your fit at various schools? It was the flexibility of an MD/MBA curriculum, as well as the overall vibe and climate of the school. I would never learn about leadership from people I didn’t feel like I could relate and grow with. I think there is something about it being USC Marshall in LA that gives it a powerful, yet cool nature. I didn’t do much formal research, but my personal experiences with Marshall students and the overall brand let me know it was a culture I would feel happy and proud to represent. The school was very accommodating and made it clear it would be doable and rewarding in conjunction with my medical training.

What was your defining moment and how did it shape who you are? Serving as President of an organization known as Brothers Overcoming Negativity & Destruction (B.O.N.D) at the University of Miami. It was my first true formal experience as a leader of a group of amazing gentlemen that I cared for strongly. The short year awakened in me the mission in life of helping my people achieve their goals and that my calling in life is to inspire. My career in the real world is medicine; however my career in my heart is helping others realize how strong they already are. It was also my first experience of effectively growing an organization and taught me the importance of leaving a legacy.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully nearly debt-free if not completely! Otherwise, I believe I will have gained some great experience as a practicing physician, with a great medical team that really enjoys working with one another. Ten years is like two in doctor years, so I will be entering the toddler stage of practicing medicine. I plan to be financially involved with widening the door to becoming a physician for students of color and helping to inspire my community to achieve their dreams. I plan to have 3+ streams of income and be making some progress in my goal of being a millionaire. I should have a scholarship established for each of the institutions I’ve attended from high school onwards.