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3 Tips for MBA Interview Success

An MBA interview is an opportunity for you to add color to your application and for admissions officers to get a gut-check of who you are.

Ilana Kowarski, a reporter at US News, recently spoke to experts on a few ways that applicants can set themselves up for success and nail their MBA interviews.


With a variety of potential questions in an MBA interview, you’ll want to prep by compiling a collection of stories that you can reference when the opportunity arises.

“I recommend thinking of stories first (macro prep) then thinking of which types of questions the story can answer (micro prep),” Obinna Arizor, Sr. Admissions Consultant at Menlo Coaching, writes. “This is a better strategy than trying to prepare by simply rehearsing interview questions pulled from the web. This is not to say that you shouldn’t review MBA interview questions likely to come up during your conversation, as doing so may give you some ideas on how to better apply your story bank.”


While anxiety may be high during the interview, experts say it’s important to cultivate a sense of confidence when you talk. Note: there’s a difference between being confident in yourself and being cocky.

“Focus on your strengths and when they ask about your weaknesses, be ready to be self-critical while highlighting your belief in yourself,” Anjala Krishen, director of MBA programs at the University of Nevada—Las Vegas Lee Business School, tells US News. “Being ostentatious or arrogant during an interview is not good, but being overly self-critical and lacking self-belief is also bad.”


In your interview, you’ll want to have a clear message to convey to admissions officers. Experts recommend developing a strong pitch that can distinguish you from other applicants.

“Know why you want an MBA,” John Crossman, CEO of Crossman Career Builders, tells US News. “The answer needs to show specifically what skill set you want to add and the benefit you seek from it. Know what you bring to the MBA program. Your undergrad and work experience should bring something to the table.”

Sources: US News, Menlo Coaching

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