Meet The Michigan Ross MBA Class Of 2023

Class of 2023 hanging out after class


1) MAP: “I thought that the MAP project aligned with my educational needs by allowing me to get more work experience than other MBA programs I was applying to. Gaining work experience was extremely important to me as I have relatively less of it on my resume compared to my peers. This, coupled with the fact that Ross’ alumni network spans 111+ countries with 50,000+ members, would give me access to high-performing individuals who would be willing to give me their time (I was not so sure this treatment would be the same coming from distinguished alums of H/S/W).”
Foster Langsdorf (’23)

“MAP! I can learn just about anything, but I forget most of the things I learn because I don’t have a way to apply it. MAP provides me with a wonderful opportunity to take what I’ve learned and apply it in a real-world situation. I can’t wait for the experience and the things I’ll learn from it.”
Vu Nguyen (’23)

2) Erb Institute: “Luckily for me, I learned about Michigan’s Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, a partnership between Ross and the School for Environment and Sustainability whose mission is to create a socially and environmentally sustainable world through the power of business. Those that aren’t able to commit to a dual-degree program also have the opportunity to pursue a Sustainability concentration within the Ross curriculum (there are also several other concentrations and dual-degree programs supported by Ross). To me, all these opportunities signal Ross’s strong commitment to sustainability and to diverse points of view. The Erb Institute has been a great fit for me both academically and culturally!”
Janet Genser (’23)

3) Sanger Story Lab: “In addition to the various action-based programming at Ross, I am excited about the Sanger Leadership Center’s Story Lab program. It’s an immersive storytelling workshop. co-created with Ross’ Design + Business Club, that helps you refine your executive presence and communication skills. It relies on reflecting upon your life’s experiences, and developing a narrative using proven storycraft techniques. I’m excited to leverage this opportunity to round out my skills, and prepare myself for taking on future leadership roles in a global, multicultural setting.”
Karnica Gupta (’23)

“Sanger’s Story Lab program excites me the most. I recognize that along with finding the solutions to the most pressing problems, an effective leader needs to build consensus and bring the team together. Story Lab is a unique program that will let me be an effective storyteller and work on my executive presence.”
Abhimanyu Vashistha (’23)

MBA orientation

4) Learn By Doing Philosophy: “Ross really appealed to me because of their focus on action-based learning. For me personally, learning through experience is the best way for me to absorb information and to learn new skills. One specific resource is the myriad of student-led venture funds that Ross offers. While highly competitive, these funds present me with the opportunity to strengthen my skills as an investor while also learning about ideas and problems in novel industries.”
Chisom Uche (’23)

5) Crisis Challenge: “The Sanger Leadership Center holds an annual 24-hour “Crisis Challenge” simulation. I think well on my feet and love creating order from chaos, so I am excited to put that to the test in a high-stakes situation!”
Rebecca Leder (’23)

6) Student-Run Funds: “The many-run student funds, especially the Social Venture Fund and the Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund. I learn best by doing and the student-run funds are the best way to apply the theoretical concepts we have learned. Also, I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and venture capital within financial literacy and edtech and the funds are the best way to learn how to communicate with founders and VC firms in a way that resonates.”
Yasmin Abdulhadi (’23)

“Ross has the most student-run investment funds of any MBA program, including the oldest student-led impact investing fund, the Social Venture Fund, of any business school. I’m hoping to pursue a career in ClimateTech VC and the funds offer an invaluable opportunity to gain experience working at a fund and to network with established VCs. In particular, I’m excited for Ross’ newest fund, Michigan Climate Venture, which brings together students, professors and other resources across the broader University of Michigan community to fund cleantech companies and limit the effects of climate change. I think the ability to draw from the other U-M resources will be hugely impactful in helping me break into VC and could only happen at a place like Ross!”
Christopher Meyer (’23)

 “I am on the founding team of a new student-led initiative called Michigan Climate Venture (MCV), which is focused on accelerating the development of solutions to the world’s climate crisis. Our mission is to catalyze decarbonization efforts in the Great Lakes region by the following: 1) investing in startups in the region through a student climate-tech focused fund and 2) establishing an ecosystem of organizations capable of unlocking technological progress and entrepreneurial talent. As a dual-degree student, MCV is the perfect blend of the financial and business acumen I’m getting from Ross and the environmental science I’m learning at the School for Environment and Sustainability.”
Janet Genser (’23)

MBAs outside of The Bus before a Michigan Football game

7) Great Faculty: “I am really excited to take a marketing course with Dr. Marcus Collins. Dr. Collins’s background includes projects such as Budweiser’s “Made In America” music festival, the Brooklyn Nets, and State Farm’s “Cliff Paul” campaign. These experiences are incredible because of how they showcase his ability to see marketing as a way of understanding how culture allows brands to connect with consumers, which I find fascinating.”
Chisom Uche (’23)

8) Ann Arbor: I chose Ross because of the experiential learning component of the curriculum and extracurricular activities. When deciding between business schools, the possibility to get hands-on experience in the biotechnology startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ann Arbor was a strong selling point for Ross. There is a budding biotech ecosystem in Ann Arbor and having access to the innovative technologies spinning out of the Office of Tech Transfer has been an amazing experience. Moreover, the student led venture fund, ZLCF, has given me relevant experience in the venture capital sector.”
Clinton Bourbonais (’21)

9) Detroit Revitalization & Business Initiative: “One of the clubs I’m really excited about is the Detroit Revitalization & Business Initiative (R&B, for short). Through a series of events, conferences, impact projects, and mentoring opportunities, R&B connects Michigan students with the city’s vibrant revitalization efforts, collaborating with communities, small businesses, and local nonprofit organizations. Detroit’s history and challenges have multiple parallels with Puerto Rico’s experience. From government bankruptcy to economic crisis, both places share a legacy of hardships as well as a strong resilient spirit. Given my passion for being part of Puerto Rico’s long-term sustainable recovery, I can’t wait to learn more and engage with the community, nonprofit, and business leaders who are making a difference in driving Detroit forward. I am hopeful that through shared lessons and collaborations, we can find common paths to inclusive growth, economic opportunity, and social progress.”
Gabriela Alvarez-Estades (’23)

10) Campus Culture: “There were many reasons why I chose Ross, but one main reason was the culture of the Ross community. Firstly, there is a strong culture of interdisciplinary learning and dual degree programs at Ross. In part due to the University of Michigan’s abundance of top graduate programs, there is a strong community of Ross ‘dualies’, whether in public policy, sustainability, information, urban planning, etc. Secondly, the Ross culture is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ross consistently boasts one of the largest Consortium classes and DEI is championed throughout student organizations. Lastly, the Ross culture is extremely collaborative and welcoming. Perhaps because students move from all over the world to idyllic Ann Arbor, Rossers are always looking to make new and lasting friendships and extend a helping hand however possible.”
Jonathan Rodriguez (’21)

University of Michigan, Ross School of Businss


“Take advantage of every opportunity to interact with students and alumni. Then use the application process to find your own voice and get comfortable with what makes you unique and worthy—don’t doubt your work experience, apologize for a lack of quantitative training, or ruminate on other shortcomings. You belong here. You’ve got this!”
Rebecca Leder (’23)

“My most important advice is to be authentic and believe in yourself, don’t let a nontraditional background, imposter syndrome, or other perceived limitations become obstacles in your journey towards growth. I truly believe the admissions committee is looking for individuals who live and breathe the school’s mission and values. As an applicant, it’s important to understand those guiding principles, and make sure to relate your story, accomplishments, and goals back to that purpose.”

For me, it was also critical to talk to current students and alumni to get a good feel for the Ross culture, particularly given the fact that, due to COVID-19, I couldn’t visit the school in person. In fact, one of the best pieces of advice I received was to seek out not only students who share your background and interests, but those who may be vastly different – you never know what you will discover from engaging with a new perspective.”
Gabriela Alvarez-Estades

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MBA Student Hometown Undergrad Alma Mater Last Employer
Yasmin Abdulhadi Memphis, TN Ohio State University KIPP Memphis
Gabriela Alvarez-Estades San Juan, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico Grupo Guayacán
Eden Berdugo San Diego, CA University of California, San Diego NYC Department of Small Business Services
Janet Genser Richmond, CA Stanford University Nonprofit Finance Fund
Karnica Gupta Dehradun, India Economics, University of Calcutta BlackRock
Foster Langsdorf Vancouver, WA Stanford University Minnesota United Football Club/Capital Pacific
Rebecca Leder Washington, DC University of Chicago Obama Foundation
Christopher Meyer New Canaan, CT Dartmouth College Wealth Insight Partners
Vu Nguyen Virginia Beach, VA George Mason University The Mission Continues
Juan Rogelio Lemarroy Montanaro Coatzacoalcos, Mexico Tec de Monterrey Self-Employed DJ and Music Producer
Chisom Uche Houston, TX Washington University SixThirty Ventures
Abhimanyu Vashistha New Delhi, India Delhi Technological University Boston Consulting Group

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