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3 Tips For Finding The Right Business School

Where you choose to pursue your MBA can matter a lot. That’s especially true if you’re intent on entering a field like private equity. For applicants, the pressure of choosing the right business school easily be overwhelming.

The experts at Clear Admit recently offered a few tips for how applicants can go about choosing between B-schools and what factors to consider.


B-schools host a number of admissions events to let applicants learn more about their programs and culture. Experts say immersing yourself in a school’s culture can tell you a lot about what your experience may be like.

“Due to COVID-19, it’s not likely you can take advantage of visiting campus; however, schools have moved most of their admissions events and student chats online,” according to Clear Admit. “If you have not yet participated in an online admissions event, sign up and see what you think of the school’s culture. Be sure to engage students, take a virtual tour of the facilities, and so on.”


When attending these events, it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions to assess whether or not you’re a right fit for a B-school.

“Think about the location, size, teaching method, etc.,” according to Clear Admit. “Are you looking for a close-knit, ‘we’re all in this together’ sort of experience, or would you prefer to attend classes and then disappear into a large city with a few classmates or old friends? Do you need the benefits of a large university to pursue coursework in a specific field? Do you crave lengthy discussions with faculty? Do you have family or a significant other who might need to consider your location? Are you strong in qualitative areas but looking to refine your skills in quantitative subjects? Is there a teaching method that might better address your weaknesses or best suit your learning style?”


If you have a specific field in mind post-grad, experts recommend looking at a business school’s track record for your target field.

“For example, if you hope to become a strategy consultant after school, take a look at each program’s placement statistics with the firms that are of interest to you,” according to Clear Admit. “Talk to the career management office and find out which firms came to campus and how many offers were made. You might also try to contact alumni who work in your target field and see what they have to say about their alma mater’s strength in that area.”

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