Shark Tank: 12 Finalists Dazzle In BIG IdeaBounce Contest

Team Name: Tylmen

BIG IndeaBounce 2022 finalist

Concept: Tylmen uses sizing technology to help people shop for apparel online with confidence by automatically choosing the best fit clothing for them.

Challenge: Fashion is the number 1 shopped category online, but because we shop online without the luxury of a fitting room, we’re 3x more likely to return the clothes we buy. This return cost is pricey for retailers, costing them between $200-$300bn annually. Returns often end up in landfills and contribute greatly to carbon emissions while online shoppers face the difficulty of buying clothes online with confidence.

Solution: Our mobile app allows shoppers to have a stored sizing profile with us, all done through a self-recorded video, which allows them to shop confidently without the stress of choosing the right size. Tylmen’s virtual mall automatically chooses the best fit size for customers, creating a much more desirable and sustainable online shopping experience, one that results in fewer returns.

Market: Our target market is gen z, aged 17-26, who shop frequently online, are passionate about sustainability, and are active on social media. This demographic has a growing interest in technology such as VR/AR and sizing technology in order to help them shop online making them more willing to adopt our solution than older demographics.

Competition: The vast majority of our competitors focus on surveys and plug-ins to brands’ site/online check-out processes. This has been a great strategy for those companies to get acquired, however, we carry a passion to bring a universal approach to sizing. That means, as an online shopper, you can come to our mobile and shop anywhere online and not have to worry about choosing the wrong size, whereas our competition is very segmented. We’ve learned that consumers tend to shop at the same stores online for this reason which is why we’re different because we’re bringing a universal approach to a centralized platform.

Value Creation: When customers shop online, they have imperfect information because they lack the luxury of a fitting room. This leads to a difficult user experience, not knowing the right size to choose, a costly operation for brands, as they incur huge losses in revenue due to returns, and the environment suffers greatly with increased C02 emissions and more waste in landfills. Tylmen’s app will benefit all parties involved by creating a convenient shopping experience with fewer returns and less pollution. We get paid for every purchase we’re responsible for. We will also be able to track the life cycle of that order and determine how effective we are in reducing return rates, which is the mission of our company.

The Team:
Bill Qin, marketing, behavioral economics, international background
Veronica Hsu, marketing, business administration/management, and research development
Ryan Wu, coding, CS major
Fred Hua, coding, CS major, and winner of San Francisco hackathon
Vishal Agarwal, coding, CS major, experience in full-stack development and deploying apps to the app store
Jami Nicholson, marketing, an economics major, and popular Youtube blogger


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