How Chat-GPT4 Ranks The Best Business Schools For Sustainability


Sustainability has worked its way into the curriculum at most, if not all, major business schools

Sustainability is hot.

Today, the fastest-growing segment of the economy is directly linked to combating the climate crisis. According to LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report 2022, green jobs grew by more than a third from 2015 to 2021, from 9.6 percent to 13.3 percent, and renewable and environmental jobs grew by a staggering 237 percent over the last five years. The Financial Times reported that CEOs are finding it challenging to find talent that understand how businesses affect the climate and how the climate affects business. This skills gap only looks to widen in the near future (see Climate Change Jobs: How Business Schools Can Fill The Gap).

That’s one reason why a group of Stanford MBAs are trying to quantify, in actual gigatons, the real impact emerging solutions have on the climate. Their target audience? Talented young professionals looking for careers with impact.


So what business schools have established an early lead in this super-hot field? We asked Chat-GPT’s upgraded AI platform that every question. While Chat misses some very obvious examples, American University’s Kogod School of Business, for example, here’s how the AI platform identifies the best business schools for sustainability and careers in the field:

  1. Yale School of Management – Yale’s Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) offers a specialized curriculum and various initiatives focused on sustainability and environmental management.
  2. Stanford Graduate School of Business – The Stanford GSB offers courses and programs related to sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship. The Center for Social Innovation at Stanford GSB also supports initiatives in sustainability.
  3. Harvard Business School – HBS has a strong focus on sustainability and offers various courses and programs in this area. The HBS Business and Environment Initiative promotes research, curriculum development, and engagement in sustainability-related topics.
  4. INSEAD – INSEAD’s Social Innovation Centre focuses on sustainable business models, social entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. The school offers courses and initiatives that address sustainability challenges.
  5. UC Berkeley Haas School of Business – The Haas School of Business has a reputation for its commitment to sustainability. The Center for Responsible Business at Haas supports research, curriculum development, and partnerships in the field.
  6. MIT Sloan School of Management – MIT Sloan offers sustainability-focused courses, initiatives, and research opportunities through the Sustainability Initiative. The initiative aims to advance understanding and practice in sustainable business.
  7. The University of Michigan Ross School of Business – The Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at Ross School of Business is a unique partnership between the business school and the School for Environment and Sustainability. It offers interdisciplinary programs and research opportunities in sustainability.
  8. The University of Cambridge Judge Business School – Judge Business School offers the Cambridge MBA with a concentration in Social Innovation and Sustainability, providing students with the knowledge and skills to address global challenges.
  9. The University of Oxford Saïd Business School – Saïd Business School’s Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme focuses on the intersection of finance and sustainability. The school offers various sustainability-related courses and research opportunities.
  10. The University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business – Sauder School of Business offers a specialization in Sustainability and Social Impact, emphasizing sustainable business practices, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation.

“These business schools provide a strong foundation in sustainability and offer resources, networks, and career support for students interested in pursuing careers in the field,” according to the AI engine. “It’s important to research each school’s specific programs, faculty, and initiatives to find the best fit for your interests and career goals.”

No kidding.

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