The Top Master In Management Programs In The United States

Georgetown McDonough’s Master in Management Class of 2022 reported an average base salary of $84,030 and an average signing bonus of $10,722. According to the school’s MiM employment report, 93% of students received their job offer within six months of graduation and 91% accepted their offer. The top employers included Amazon, Deloitte, EY, Goldman Sachs, and Slalom Consulting.


NORTHWESTERN KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT: “I attended Northwestern for my undergraduate degree, and like many liberal arts universities, did not have the access to a formal business curriculum (aside from a business minor) despite my interest in the field – most of what I knew was either self-taught or learned through experiences I was lucky to have through internships. However, I knew I wanted to have a more formal understanding of business before I started what I knew would be a long career in finance.

“I was drawn to this program for not only the formal business curriculum it offered, but the distinguished professors that teach within it and also the opportunity the program offered to learn alongside of Kellogg’s part-time MBA students within the classroom, which was a really fruitful experience and added such an elevated learning opportunity hearing from their real-life work experiences and challenges.

“Though I just graduated from the program, I was fortunate enough to apply to Kellogg’s Future Leaders deferred admissions program as well – so I look forward to returning back to Kellogg for my MBA in a five years or so. To me, the chance to work for a few years with the added value of my Masters in management will allow me to gain some fruitful real-life experience to bring back to the classroom and approach an MBA with a completely different lens. I know I’ll be able to really lean into the Kellogg network as I progress in my career.” – Ethan Rosen, MiM ’23

MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT: “MSMS gave me an opportunity to explore different potential career paths through connections with industry experts, action learning labs, lectures, and seminars, which allowed me to discover my passion for analytics, technology, and mission-driven work. I will move on to become a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon post-graduation where I will be able to leverage my passions and skills to improve customers’ lives, and I wish to continue to embrace these values along my career journey to create a positive impact in the world.” – Jacquelyn Li, MSMS ’22

MICHIGAN ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: “I finished up undergrad and felt a bit like a construction worker who went to the job site with his blueprint but left his tools at home. I knew what it was I wanted to do; I just didn’t know exactly how to do that. And I didn’t feel like I had the hard skills to be able to jump into an organization and make things happen.” – Cooper Wrona, MiM ’21

VIRGINIA McINTIRE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE: “What initially piqued my interest in the M.S. in Commerce Program was that it was a 4+1 program, meaning I could have my master’s degree after one year. It became more appealing to me, as it allowed me to be on a track that I was genuinely interested in–Marketing & Management – and had the study-abroad component that I missed out on during my undergrad years.” – Bree Doby, M.S. in Commerce ’23

DUKE FUQUA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: “Prior to completing my undergraduate degree, I felt that I wasn’t ready to work in my preferred career, project management. The MMS program course offerings as well as the potential job outlooks post-graduation definitely aligned with my career goals at the time. I also love to grow my professional network so naturally, Fuqua was also a great fit due to the large alumni network around the globe. At the end of the day, being a part of a prestigious program with people who have similar professional goals as myself is most important to me.” – Muhib Bari, Foundations of Business ’23

SOUTH CAROLINA MOORE: “Upon finishing my undergraduate degree, I knew that I still needed to sharpen my skills and enrich my experiences to be more successful in the international workforce. I wanted to attend a highly ranked program at a prestigious school for international business to help me deepen my understanding and surround myself with many talented, ambitious, like-minded classmates. I was very excited and eager to participate in the Moore School MIB courses that are not usually offered in other graduate programs. The MIB program is designed to improve the interdisciplinary knowledge about the global market, and that was exactly what I needed to advance my career.” – Sunnie Duong, Master of International Business ’20

School Program Name Location Duration Tuition (2023) GRE/GMAT Required? STEM-Designated? Women (2023)
Chicago (Booth) Master in Management Chicago, Illinois 10 Months $65,000-$67,000 Yes Not yet NA
Northwestern (Kellogg) Master in Management Evanston & Chicago, Illinois 10 Months $62,349 Yes Yes NA
MIT (Sloan) Master of Science in Management Studies Boston 9 Months $84,200 Yes Yes 29%
Stanford GSB MSx Program Palo Alto, California 1 Year $138,640 Yes Yes 37%
Yale SOM Master’s in Advanced Management New Haven, Connecticut 1 Year $82,200 Yes Yes 38%
Michigan (Ross) Master of Management Ann Arbor, Michigan 10 Months $51,360 for Michigan residents; $54,985 for others Yes, unless applicant has an undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher No 53%
Virginia (McIntire) Master of Science in Commerce Charlottesville, Virginia 10 Months $44,239 in-state; $50,621 out-of-state & international No Yes NA
Duke (Fuqua) Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business Durham, North Carolina 10 Months $62,200 Yes Yes 45%
Duke (Fuqua) Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University Durham, North Carolina and Kunshan, China 10 Months $62,200 for non-Chinese students and 200,000 RMB for citizens of China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Yes No 64%
New York (Stern) Master of Science in Organization Management and Strategy New York & Shanghai, China 12-20 Months $68,400 Yes No 38%
Cornell (Johnson) Master of Professional Studies in Management Ithaca, New York 10 Months $62,456 Yes, but Cornell undergrads with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher may get waiver Yes NA
USC (Marshall) Master of Management Studies Los Angeles 1-2 Years $57,122 Yes No NA
Emory (Goizueta) Master in Management Atlanta, Georgia 10 Months $62,800 No No NA
Georgetown (McDonough) Master of Science in Management Washington, DC 10 Months $56,840 Yes, unless applicant has an undergraduate GPA of 3.2 or higher Yes 51%
Notre Dame (Mendoza) MS in Management South Bend, Indiana 11 Months $50,880 Yes, unless applicant has Notre Dame degree or 3.3 undergrad GPA or higher Yes 40%
Boston (Questrom) Master’s in Management Studies Boston 9 Months $63,798 No No 52%
Maryland (Smith) Master’s in Management Studies College Park, Maryland 9 Months $48,919 for Maryland residents; $62,160 for others No No NA
Northeastern (D’Amore-McKim) Master of Science in Management (MS x) Boston, Oakland, Remote 1-2 Years $50,900 No No NA
Northeastern (D’Amore-McKim) Master of Science in International Management Boston 12-20 Months $48,000 No No 52%
South Carolina (Moore) Master of International Business Columbia, South Carolina 1 Year $21,000 for South Carolina residents; $24,900 for others Yes, but waivers available for “high-achieving students” No 50%
South Carolina (Moore) Master of International Business Double Degree Columbia, South Carolina and one of seven campuses of partner university 2 Years $36,300 for South Carolina residents; $43,260 for others Yes, but waivers available for “high-achieving students” No 50%
Texas A&M (Mays) Master’s in Business College Station, Texas 11 Months $35,900 (including fees) Yes No 41%
George Washington MS in Management Washington, D.C. 1 Year $64,845 No No NA
Florida (Warrington) MS in Management Gainesville, Florida 1 Year $16,983 for Florida residents; $40,174 for others No No NA
Michigan State (Broad) Online MS in Management, Strategy & Leadership East Lansing, Michigan 20-24 Months $33,900 Yes, unless applicants have 3 or more years’ full-time managerial experience in a supervisory role and a cumulative undergrad GPA of 3.0 or higher No NA
Denver (Daniels) Master of Science in Management Denver, Colorado 10 Months $72,540 No No NA
Lehigh MS in Management Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 9 Months $52,570 No No 63%
Babson (Olin) MS in Management & Entrepreneurial Leadership Wellesley, Massachusetts 9 Months $54,600 No No 40%
Illinois (Gies) Master of Science in Management Urbana-Champaign, Illinois 9 Months $33,772 No Yes 56%
Illinois (Gies) iMSM Remote 12-60 Months $11,520 No No 43%
Hult Master of International Business Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai 1 Year $55,000 Boston or San Francisco, 44,000 GBP London, 179,000 AED Dubai No Upgrade to STEM degree available for a fee 44%
Texas-Dallas (Jindal) MS in Management Science Dallas, Texas 18-24 Months $20,428 for Texas residents; $38,508 for others Yes, unless they have an undergrad GPA of 3.6 or higher from an AACSB-accredited B-school Yes 59%
Fordham (Gabelli) MS in Management New York 12-15 Months $60,960 No No NA
Wake Forest Master of Science in Management Winston-Salem, North Carolina 10 Months $49,928 Yes, unless applicant has an undergrad GPA of 3.2 or higher and at least two grades of B or better in quantitative or other rigorous coursework from a U.S.-based college/university No 57%


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